Act Two, Chapter Four: 13

20th Mar 12:08 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 13
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 20th Mar 12:08 AM, 2015
Those emotive ears keep giving you away, Beast. You're not as subtle as you think you are.


rufiangel 20th Mar 12:15 AM, 2015
Gosh, I love those ears though. XD; <3

And wow, that last panel. >___>

Yeesh Beast, seriously, get over your monster inferiority complex and remember the situation here! (Because uh, I was kind of forgetting. XD;;;;)
nathyfaith 17th Feb 2:08 PM, 2016
You and both my friend. You and I :P
metaceryn 20th Mar 3:13 AM, 2015
This is the best page so far.

It's better than the gut-stabbing terror at the foot of the stairs, the witty reparte over the chessboard, the first awkward dinner, or the interview over broken teacups. This one page concisely presents the conflicting but simultaneous relationships of host and guest, friend and more-than, and lender and security, and the repulsion that all three experience from each other like misaligned magnets.

It shows how aware of herself this Beauty is, for once, and how she's not just occupying space until her next stage mark towards the denouement; it shows how unaware Beast is, how damaged, and how mindlessness need not be violent to be a threat to others.

I love this page. It's the story's crisis and its qualities in half a dozen panels.
Daisy 20th Mar 9:43 AM, 2015
What this person said!
prime_pm 20th Mar 8:52 AM, 2015
I like how this one actually deals with the case of Stockholm Syndrome. Not many of the other B&tB incarnations tackle this issue.
Paula Richey 20th Mar 12:32 PM, 2015
Or firmly stamps down the possibility of Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm is a symptom of abuse and manipulation more than simply being kept confined, and while Beast has a lot of inner turmoil he doesn't ever take it out on her. They had an argument once, but that was it.

If he abused her and then she was grateful that all she had to do to stop the abuse was be loyal to him, that's Stockholm. But since all he does is keep his distance unless she specifically invites him to chat, it totally isn't :) Still, that isn't enough to resolve the power imbalance between them and I'm glad she recognizes it and that it's inappropriate. I'm not terribly surprised that he forgot there was a power imbalance in that direction because he's busy thinking she's out of his league every time he looks at her.

It's easy to write B & tB as a simple, ugly story, but I appreciate the beauty and complexity of this one so very much. :)
Hallan 20th Mar 9:08 AM, 2015
An avenue not explored in any other Beauty and the Beast that I can remember. Nicely done, MsMegan.
niccillustrates 20th Mar 10:26 AM, 2015
Ah, the comments above said everything I wanted to (and more eloquently lol) so...What they said!! A beautiful page brimming with SO many feelings! Love all the different tensions here ;u;
Fluffy 20th Mar 12:35 PM, 2015
It's interesting how hooked Beast is on his appearance (though you can't really blame him) and he automatically assumes her trying not to like him has to do with his appearance when in reality it is because of his actions. I really can't wait to see what happens next. A lot of, if not all, the takes on BATB haven't really gotten too deep into the captor and captive issue so it will be really interesting to see what happens from here.
Runtytiger 20th Mar 1:05 PM, 2015
What I find interesting is that she willingly chose to take the place of her father for the sake of the family she loves. And I do not think that she forgotten that either. But at the same time I really like how real the situation feels. And I really agree with that there seems to be an unfair power imbalance in something that's could almost be a "friendship-something more?".

Sometimes words could be said, but the meaning could be misinterpreted. But I really love how she corrected him that she is hesitant to "like" him not because of his appearances but because of the situation. I think this can refer back to her dream and insecurities with the thorns and the paws restricting her freedom.
Stitchlingbelle 20th Mar 3:39 PM, 2015
Awesome, awesome use of layout here, Megan! The emphasis on that last panel just nails it. I love this page. And as everyone else has said, GO BEAUTY.
The Doodler 21st Mar 1:13 PM, 2015
The Doodler
I'm not going to rehash every awesome comment, but THIS, yes, THIS.
Dreampiper 22nd Mar 6:13 PM, 2015
Hmmmmm Well played... A very good page indeed, this is.
Hizome 23rd Mar 8:02 AM, 2015
THIS IS IT. This is what the relationship between Beauty and Beast should be. This conflicted, pained thing, and not the thing people insist in showing in movies.
Carolyn 23rd Mar 10:49 PM, 2015
-silently points to the stuff written above and nods with approval-
A Cranky Coyote 25th Mar 1:41 AM, 2015
The visual irony of the last panel - Beauty breaking out of the boundaries of the panel while decrying Beast as her jailor - is wonderful!

I'm really liking the way this is unfolding. It highlights Beauty's self-awareness and agency as a character, and the next page brings forward other characteristics of Beast that are very consistent with everything we've seen so far, in a very natural way. It's a really nicely done scene, I think.
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 11:39 AM, 2015
Why don't you stab him in the heart, Beauty? You tell him exactly what he's been longing to hear - that you like him very much - but then add that you shouldn't. I do really like that she says that it's not being he's a "monster," but because he's her jailor - which is a swerve I was not expecting, but it's a brave writing move to confront just what this situation actually is and have them talking about it and dealing with it.
Michael 24th Apr 4:48 PM, 2017
Very honest and straight forward.
He hears that she finds him likeable, his concerns about his looks are secondary.
And I bet, he can not do much about her staying there. Since promises have to be kept. Needs some Explanation. Maybe there is something he can do if he pushes his borders a bit...
The Young Entity 4th May 8:47 PM, 2018
Beast/Argus is just like an adorable dog with those ears! I just want to kiss him all over and give him a tummy rub. Will he wag that sweet tail of his I wonder?
Sorry. Dog-lover over here. Don't mind me.
The Young Entity 4th May 8:48 PM, 2018
oops, that should have been a comment of its own not a reply. oh well