Act Two, Chapter Four: 14

23rd Mar 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 14
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 23rd Mar 12:00 AM, 2015


Carolyn 23rd Mar 10:52 PM, 2015
Actually, I think this page may be the most powerful yet. Both are coming to terms with what their situation actually is. Seeing it portrayed in their defeated posture and pained expressions is so gut wrenching. I think that's what makes it so powerful. They have now both spoken aloud what they wish their relationship to be (as friends at least) and why it can never be that when one is prisoner and one is jailor. I just. My feels.
Selina 24th Mar 6:16 AM, 2015
I love both the dialogue and the body language here. The detail of the glisten in her eyes in the second-to-last panel to show them welling up slightly with tears. Gosh.
bscruffy 24th Mar 11:42 PM, 2015
And this is where out author shows another layer of complexity as well as emotional power. Skillfully written, beautifully drawn.
JustLikeWonderful 25th Mar 10:14 PM, 2015
I'm really happy with the way this page shows this key moment of the evolution of their relationship, but I'd also like to acknowledge another very important thing being shown here:

Notice the way Beauty positions herself. She's all curled up in a clearly defensive pose, but she still chooses to sit down next to the Beast. I think his is really important, especially after not two pages ago the Beast was clearly thinking she'd rather not touch him. In a moment of discomfort and clear emotional distress, she'd rather be close to him than facing the other way or keeping a safe distance. I really hope the Beast notices this, maybe not now, but somewhere in the future, because this understanding that she doesn't see him as this monster he believes to be is huge chunk of his character development, and I can't wait to see the look on his face then that penny finally drops.
Paula Richey 26th Mar 1:23 PM, 2015
Good for Beauty, putting the big thorny complication into words :) it's probably better to deal with things one layer at a time, anyway ;)

Meanwhile, Beast - she's fond of you, she likes you, more than that you're like-able which means she thinks of course anyone would like you, and the whole "monster" thing is a non-issue. The real issue is that she has to live in a very pretty jail, and that's your doing. You can't opt out of being a beast, but you might opt out of keeping her prisoner... Though I don't know what would happen if you release her before her contract is up. What if it would be like the birds, and part of her would be left behind?
Michael 24th Apr 4:57 PM, 2017
Or this bird comes back. But it is a big step of course since he has somebody to talk to after all that time. The risk of loosing her or the threat of her turning against him. Big decisions coming up..
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 11:49 AM, 2015
I think this might be one of the best pages yet in how it illuminates the thorny situation that they're in. Beauty likes being around the Beast, and while they probably would never have met if not for the contract, she would probably have been happy to be his friend in other circumstances. However, her imprisonment and him being the one keeping her there - though he will probably let her go as he let those birds go later - really complicates the matter and makes it difficult for her to be fully happy and complacent in this situation. The Beast, for his part, is self-aware enough to realize she's right about this, though he too had been allowing himself to relax around her and forget about how she'd been manipulated into being here - and how she is unable to leave and might still, in fact, wish to, despite the bond they've made.
Michael 24th Apr 4:51 PM, 2017
oh, my bad.
She hits the bulls eye but at another board than expected.