Act Two, Chapter Four: 16

31st Mar 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st Mar 12:00 AM, 2015
phwah, it's been a LONG month -- If you need me, I'll be sleeping under my desk.


The Doodler 31st Mar 12:50 AM, 2015
The Doodler
Ugh, that last line. Poor guy CLEARLY wasn't raised right. :/
Elizabeth 31st Mar 1:05 AM, 2015
I hate to be that person, but unless this was an intentional different way of spelling it, such as color vs colour, I believe that it is supposed to be spelled resilience, not resiliance.

That aside - this is an amazing adaptation of the story! I love that they are facing this issue heads on and addressing this aspect of the story. I can't recall any version of Beauty and the Beast that has done that before and you are doing so very eloquently. :)
Paula Richey 31st Mar 7:26 AM, 2015
Panel 3.
The title for this page is now (unofficially) Jailors Don't Get Hugs.
Paula Richey 31st Mar 10:00 AM, 2015
I just saw this on Tumblr- does that mean this is now also the official title? XD
cattservant 31st Mar 7:37 AM, 2015
He's on the right track.
Hallan 31st Mar 7:43 AM, 2015
Stop it, brain. Stop picturing him giving her a slobbery lick on the face. I don't care that his pose in the last panel reminds you of Mom's dachsund.
MsMegan 31st Mar 8:54 AM, 2015
That is definitely among the first-response instincts he quashed ;)
Paula Richey 31st Mar 10:04 AM, 2015
No wonder there was so much panic earlier - "What do I do? Nope, can't do that. Nope, inappropriate. Definitely not *that* either. No..."
metaceryn 31st Mar 11:37 AM, 2015
At least he's not trying to cheer her up with a dead squirrel.
Michael 24th Apr 5:12 PM, 2017
Squirrel, flowers, at least it would be a gift...
The Young Entity 4th May 8:55 PM, 2018
lol, I am laughing so hard right now. You guys; spot on.
TolkienOverTwilight 31st Mar 10:15 AM, 2015
Beauty please don't cry! She's making my heart hurt. But, perhaps this will light a fire under Beast's butt to get her out of there! (no matter the consequences, maybe?)
Zuza 31st Mar 10:53 AM, 2015
Oh noooo this page is TOO CUTE T_T I am loving that last panel. Also very glad to see all this honesty from Beast!
Tantz Aerine 31st Mar 3:04 PM, 2015
Tantz Aerine
Not coward enough to shy away from this confession. :)
Siva 31st Mar 5:10 PM, 2015
It's easy to admit to cowardice when the alternative is possibly to be asked to prove one is not a coward. Especially when one is in a situation where there is very powerful magic, and it's been established that lies are not an option - or else magic.
Carolyn 1st Apr 9:50 AM, 2015
I possibly the best part of this page (dialogue notwithstanding) is Beast fwumping himself down right in front of her. His canine-compassion trigger is hard. I am ready to see him with his head in her lap whining.
Michael 24th Apr 5:15 PM, 2017
I think it is more because of his size. he want to be on the same Level, not looking down.
I know that. Im 1.95m, that makes some situations uncomfortable.
Steenz 2nd Apr 6:56 PM, 2015
Augh my heearrttt
Narnia4Aslan 2nd Apr 9:09 PM, 2015
Just caught up after a long break (so I could read it all at ounce)and amazing as always! (I last left off as the maze was tempting her to journey in - I couldn't bear to see her come slowly to ruin one page at a time! - oh the feels! - glad that turned out better than I feared)

As everyone has said above and in pages before, I love how Beauty is addressing the jailor/prisoner relationship! I also love how the story has developed at a relatively slow pace, just because it gives that much more oomph to these "crisis" and "turning" moments.

One quick aside unrelated to the above page, but everytime we see the young man that Beast was, his eyes are obscured by his long hair, while a large part of Beast's character is shown through his eyes. I really hope that when he returns to man form (assuming he does... come on, he has to!) he keeps his hair out of his eyes and we get to see into his soul, like we have been able to see it in his Beast form.

Keep up the good work!
The Young Entity 4th May 8:57 PM, 2018
Personally, I think the hair is one of the best parts XD
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 12:40 PM, 2015
I agree with the Beast, Beauty, you are very strong for holding up so well in this situation. I don't know whether or not the Beast could be considered a coward, considering he is willing to confess this to her, but I am curious as to what he did that got the both of them into so much trouble. And wow, is that last line revealing about the kind of environment the Beast was raised in. He was too soft-hearted to be cruel, though, so I wonder if he simply accepted that he would always be "weak" and "cowardly," regardless of whether or not it was true.
Michael 24th Apr 5:23 PM, 2017
i believe him when he says, he was so happy about a companion that he totally forgot the jailor/prisoner thing.
About the confession about his weakness and her strength, I would say it results a lot from their Family Background.
She with Close Family members, nice but with an emotional stronghold in the back. He, soft hearted and all alone his whole life nobody to rely on. The typical poor rich guy. He was lost for unknown time as the beast before he started to pull himself together. Of course he admires her.