Act Two, Chapter Four: 17

3rd Apr 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 17
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Apr 12:00 AM, 2015
Here's one for the "redraw for the print edition" pile...


txinaz 3rd Apr 1:00 AM, 2015
easy to say hard to do
rufiangel 3rd Apr 1:11 AM, 2015
Oh, was it his enchantment that caused him to flinch, and prevent him from speaking further? D:
Michael 24th Apr 5:38 PM, 2017
Looks like.
Dreampiper 3rd Apr 4:25 AM, 2015
Curse this comic for being so beautiful. A lash, A lash for thee!!!!
cattservant 3rd Apr 6:05 AM, 2015
Beast is one who learns from experience.
Hallan 3rd Apr 7:16 AM, 2015
The shock collar hit him hard that time, didn't it?
Carolyn 3rd Apr 10:33 AM, 2015
She grabbed his haaannnddddd....paaawwww....whatevERRRRRR!! My heart.
metaceryn 3rd Apr 10:42 AM, 2015
I think we're about to see that that was the wrong advice to give.
Michael 24th Apr 5:39 PM, 2017
I agree. What works for him does not necessarily work for others. He did not leave People behind who love and care about him as Beauty.
Runtytiger 4th Apr 12:18 PM, 2015
It takes two for a "contract".

I really like how you use magic as a metaphor and how it seems like everything revolves around contracts and the implications of a broken contract (freedom). And I really like this beast as he is someone that can be relatable to people who once fell in love but then had their heart broken ( and thus afraid to love again). This Beauty and the Beast feels relatable to modern day society because nowadays it's too easy for vows to be broken so nowadays it's not so easy to say "will you marry me?" And then later have the "contract" be broken and that words and promises of the party no longer have power.
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 12:49 PM, 2015
At that hint of defiance from the Beast, his enchantment kicks in and gives him heart pain...which makes me wonder if that's what is going to give him the heartsickness he might nearly die from later, instead of him dying from a broken heart over her leaving. Beauty covering his hand is sweet, though she does have a point - she must feel so guilty about being happy when her family isn't. I also predict that Beauty is not going to take the Beast's words well - he might have been forced to let go and have accepted it, but it's too soon for Beauty and she adores her family too much for her to do so easily.