Act Two, Chapter Four: 18

7th Apr 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 18
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 7th Apr 12:00 AM, 2015
Oh, Beast. You're really, really bad at this.


rufiangel 7th Apr 12:13 AM, 2015
OH noooooooo D:

Beast can't you do something T_T
Mistress Dizzy 7th Apr 12:37 AM, 2015
Look at the way Beast is sitting. He's totally freaked out by this.

Speaking of freaking out... Oh, poor Beauty.
Jessica 9th Apr 9:32 AM, 2015
He looks like my dog when my FIL yells at the TV. Doesn't happen much (I take him out for a long walk when we happen to be over during football season) but that is the look I get.

The Doodler 7th Apr 12:48 AM, 2015
The Doodler
Oh kid...
cattservant 7th Apr 1:47 AM, 2015
On the way to trouble...
Tevokkia 7th Apr 7:49 AM, 2015
Well, it was bound to happen, the way Beauty's been bottling things up leading up to this. I suspect that her frustration runs deeper than just what's going on here, considering her earlier comment that she just fills in the gaps, and this is the one big thing the put the hole in the dam to let it all flow out.

... and then we have Beast, who looks like a scared puppy. It's gotta be hard dealing with someone venting their emotions when you've spent so much time burying yours.
Daisy 7th Apr 10:53 AM, 2015
I love the postures on this page. Well done! And of course, the dialogue. Hits home.
Kirala 7th Apr 12:00 PM, 2015
Ohhhh, Beast all scrunched up with his tail curled like a dog that feels insecure about its human's affection/esteem. He wants to be a good Beast, Beauty!

(Tho really, I don't recall being incommunicado being part of the Contract. Is there no reason she can't write home? Even without the drastic escape clauses later on in the story?)
Carolyn 7th Apr 12:51 PM, 2015
I love how when something very intense is happening, Beast resorts to animal like posture. Here he's scared, but we've seen him angry and snarling before. The only moments of intense emotion that he doesn't seem to go puppy in are the tender moments between he and Beauty. Though he still flinched and was fearful when mending her wounds, he was humanize. I love it. I simply love it!!
Guest 8th Apr 11:16 AM, 2015
OH!!!! the beast I. That 4th panel xD He is so cute. Way to explode Beauty bottled feelings tend to do that.
Paula Richey 9th Apr 9:13 PM, 2015
Yeah, Beast, normal people don't even consider cutting out their own hearts as an option.
Nicole 9th Apr 10:02 PM, 2015
Ahhh the feels Megan, the ffeeeeeeellsss your babies ;___;
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 12:56 PM, 2015
Oh my god the feelings here are so messy! As predicted, she did not take his words well - though I think she is more angry at herself here because she didn't tell her family goodbye and really hurt them by making this sacrifice. She doesn't know what's happened to them either, which makes it worse. Did her doing this even help them at all?

The poor Beast looks so frightened at her yelling - though I'm sure her words also shock him, because he might have thought that she told her family what she was planning and gotten their (reluctant) acceptance. Not so much, Beast, not so much.
Michael 24th Apr 5:48 PM, 2017
I think he was totally unaware of her tight Family bondings since he never experienced that himself. Maybe he realized that her sacrifice was as big or bigger than his, when he made the contract.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 2:20 PM, 2016
Right now, Beast kind of reminds of a dog a Lab dog scared shitless.