Act Two, Chapter Four: 19

10th Apr 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 19
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 10th Apr 12:00 AM, 2015
No, I don't want to see your heirloom rhododendrons, that makes YOU feel better, not me.


Guest 10th Apr 12:06 AM, 2015
Aroura Nightshade 10th Apr 12:54 AM, 2015
I KNEW IT!! I knew they were going to the fountain! Huzza!
rufiangel 10th Apr 4:19 AM, 2015
Ooooh, magic fountain! :D

Your stuff is mostly beyond reproach so please take my next few words with the understanding that everything else in this page is amazing (lol). Uhm, the 'Plish' SFX kind of look like 'PUSH PUSH' at first place. >_> I had to think 'wait that doesn't make sense' for my brain to tell me what it was really saying. Could you maybe space out, just a wee bit, the L and the I, or perhaps affect the vertical placements of the individual letters slightly to make it more obvious? Just a thought. :)
MsMegan 10th Apr 9:56 AM, 2015
Ooh, good point! Merci!
DawnStar 27th Jul 12:50 AM, 2015
Oh my gosh... this entire time I thought it DID say Push Push not Plish Plish XD I knew it didn't make sense but I was so obsessed with the comic I overlooked it. lol
Stitchlingbelle 10th Apr 11:59 AM, 2015
It never occurred to him... because seeing his family is probably the last thing on earth he wants. Poor baby.
Paula Richey 10th Apr 12:38 PM, 2015
He's been so firmly embedded in his own perspective - I guess solitude will do that.

Time to go on a date, Beast! Something she'd like to do this time. ;)
metaceryn 10th Apr 5:15 PM, 2015
If she can't appreciate heirloom rhododendrons, then this relationship isn't going anywhere.

Especially not after what happened to the poor begonias.
Carolyn 14th Apr 9:22 AM, 2015
cattservant 14th Apr 9:28 AM, 2015
Something he can do!
Even if it might have consequences...
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 1:08 PM, 2015
I am pretty sure that the Beast not having many affectionate family members in his past has something to do with him not realizing that Beauty might, in fact, want to know how her own family is doing. Beauty looks so lost and doubtful that there can be a solution for this, but then we cut to the magic fountain, which will probably allow her to see them from afar. Hooray!
Michael 24th Apr 5:52 PM, 2017
Hooray indeed, if there is nobody sick or suffering.
The Young Entity 4th May 9:06 PM, 2018
Beauty looks SO ADORABLE in the fourth panel!