Act Two, Chapter Four: 33

28th May 11:58 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 33
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 28th May 11:58 PM, 2015
Sometimes I can keep the shoujo backgrounds in check, and sometimes I let them just wash over eeeeverythiiiing


rufiangel 29th May 12:23 AM, 2015
Oh wow, what what? @_@

Fluffy 29th May 12:55 AM, 2015
All you needed was a dramatic wind gently blowing through Beast's hair and a crap ton of sparkles around him and it would have been a 10/10 shoujo moment right there.
cattservant 29th May 1:03 AM, 2015
Ah, the censor kicks in!
Hallan 29th May 7:25 AM, 2015
Thank you for the shoujo background today. It's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to the Tuesday update (which will be on my birthday).
TolkienOverTwilight 29th May 7:41 AM, 2015
....I am highly interested in this loophole. Was Beauty the target for the amended contract all along? Is Beast covertly trying to save Beauty's mother? Is there a mother left to save?
SN1006 29th May 10:48 AM, 2015
I just finished a re-read and I'm embarrassed by how much I had forgotten. This story is so good, I can't wait 'till the next page.
Daisy 29th May 11:39 AM, 2015
Loving this page layout/design!
The Doodler 29th May 8:58 PM, 2015
The Doodler
Headcanon that the beast was a lawyer in his former life. :P
a Drop of Beauty 30th May 1:03 AM, 2015
a Drop of Beauty
Say "Person who is not your father." Say it, Beast! SAY IT!!!!!!
Miss Elcia 1st Jun 5:30 PM, 2015
I can just imagine someone mercilessly squeezing his heart each time he tries to say mother.
Guest 1st Jun 11:23 PM, 2015
Double Uh-oh.
(If the next page of this comic gets to the "triple uh-oh" stage, I think I might explode.)
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 3:35 PM, 2015
Goodness, he has never looked more like a representative of the ruler of the castle until this moment - he looks so regal with that tilt of his head and the backdrop of the roses, the castle, and the starry night sky, which looks rather like the graphic we see around magic speech bubbles.

And oooooooh, this is interesting. Bringing Beauty here, unlike in many stories, does not seem to be an attempt on the Beast's part to break his own contract or curse. Instead, the Beast used her father's theft and Beauty's arrival as an opportunity to add something to the contract between Beauty and her mother - to try to manipulate the horrible situation they found themselves in for the eventual benefit of Beauty (and maybe her mother) if they can manage to pull it off. I wonder if Beauty has been living on borrowed time and this is a way of making sure that lasts longer....

Ah, but the Beast isn't allowed to share this information - his own contract is reminding him of that very painfully, much to Beauty's dismay. Be careful, Beast!