Act Two, Chapter Four: 34

2nd Jun 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 34
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Jun 12:00 AM, 2015
A rough day for these two!


cattservant 2nd Jun 2:30 AM, 2015
The Young Entity 4th May 10:24 PM, 2018
Aaahhh!! You ruined the moment!

Ok. I can't help it. I'm laughing really hard now.
txinaz 2nd Jun 4:33 AM, 2015
he wants to tale her even if it kills him
The Young Entity 4th May 10:26 PM, 2018
Yes :-(

*commences blubbering in a corner*
Guest 2nd Jun 7:12 AM, 2015
Lostariel 2nd Jun 7:13 AM, 2015
Oh, bless him... He's trying so hard...
Guest 2nd Jun 10:07 AM, 2015

Also, great usage of panels in this page!
rufiangel 2nd Jun 11:40 AM, 2015
D: Omigosh, you really drew this one with such emotion and anguish, it's beautiful and so sad ;w;
Cora 2nd Jun 3:30 PM, 2015
Very dynamic page! One of your best yet. I love the way this story is written. It progresses nicely, the characters have unique 'voices', and your art style is delightful. I really look forward to updates. Just wanted you to know~
Fluffy 2nd Jun 7:05 PM, 2015
Quick, Beast! Play charades!
Dravening 3rd Jun 12:31 PM, 2015
I just powered through this in the span of a couple hours. This is AMAZING! I love your character designs, and your linework is so clean! I can't WAIT to see more! :D
bscruffy 3rd Jun 11:50 PM, 2015
To sum todays comments: gripping moment, emotional story telling and art; can't wait for the next page, and I love the page design which is both dynamic and clear.
MatildaBelle 4th Jul 12:59 PM, 2015
This is the most beautiful version of Beauty and the Beast I've ever had the pleasure of reading. These last few pages have honestly brought tears to my eyes.
The Young Entity 4th May 10:28 PM, 2018
Wow. But feel no shame. The First Tear prize goes to you
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 3:48 PM, 2015
Yeah, he's having a bit of a heart attack now, which naturally makes Beauty panic as to what to do to help. I really admire how he keeps trying to tell her the truth through the pain, but somehow I don't think he's going to manage it - not with the fountain pretty much yelling at him for it. "YOU STUPID BLOOPING DEFIANT UGLY-BLOOP BEAST!"
nathyfaith 18th Feb 7:25 AM, 2016
this whole page is BEAUTIFUL.