Act Two, Chapter Four: 36

9th Jun 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Four
Act Two, Chapter Four: 36
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Jun 12:00 AM, 2015
Ah, I think we touched a nerve.


Mistress Dizzy 9th Jun 12:27 AM, 2015
Oh dear oh dear.

Is it possible for Beauty to give him a 'cool down hug'?
Fluffy 9th Jun 12:33 AM, 2015
I wouldn't exactly say that is the face of someone who wants to be hugged at the moment...
More like: Give him a cool down talk or something and then a hug
Michael 22nd Aug 2:56 PM, 2017
First wait for the waterworks. Then, maybe.
The Young Entity 4th May 10:41 PM, 2018
Oh yeah.

If Beauty even makes a sound, I'm afraid of what might happen. I think Argus might have been driven into 'beast-mode'
RosesnWater 9th Jun 12:28 AM, 2015
OOOOHHHHH MMMYYY GOD I was going to save commenting until I got through commenting on all of the pages, but nooooooo omygosh, seriously I thought it was the mother I was so convinced that this woman was the mother but he's never actually called her mom and after that 'I can be anything you want…' *shivers* I am thinking this is a lot closer to Villeneuve than I thought! OHOHOHOHO *I have no idea how to handle any of this*
a Drop of Beauty 9th Jun 1:07 AM, 2015
a Drop of Beauty
Oh my freakin' goodness O___O That fountain is gonna die...
metaceryn 9th Jun 1:46 AM, 2015
This page makes me stupid-happy because we've seen quietly menacing-Beast and instinctually threatening-Beast, and now we get to see fully-conscious-and-ready-to-straight-up-choke-a-witch-Beast.

Stupid-happy, I say.
Guest 9th Jun 7:33 AM, 2015
The last time we saw him like this... he seemed out of control. Right? He was hunting and had slid into this animalistic state which he snapped out of to get Beauty out of the room. This time... man I don't know this seems like fully formed, conscious rage. Did Mommie Dearest turn pet loving boy into a pet?
Michael 24th Apr 6:47 PM, 2017
I dont think mom had the Magic.
His rage is so focused on his mom. A defenseless Beauty coming in sight will directly kick him out of it, maybe with a nervous breakdown.
Guest 9th Jun 9:03 AM, 2015
Sigh, they were making such progress...
CinniScrib 9th Jun 3:29 PM, 2015
Me thinks maybe this memory is when his nose got broken.... I believe Megan mentioned his nose got broken at an early age on a previous page.... Otherwise it was probably an episode like this.
cattservant 9th Jun 6:48 PM, 2015
More like, stepped on a ganglion!
Kawaii overload!!! 9th Jun 7:33 PM, 2015
Beast! Chill out! Remember when beauty saw you in your animal fury? Don't go back into that! You'll scare her away for good.
Also Ms. Megan, I think there's real deep mom issues. I'm still thinking that Beast's mom had something to do with his current state.
Is she some kind of a sorceress (I use that term because "witch" is too mean and "enchantress" is too nice.)?
MsMegan 9th Jun 10:10 PM, 2015
I think "Sociopath" might be a better word for her ;)
Unknown 10th Jun 11:51 AM, 2015

1) This is probably the 3rd or 4th time we've seen his "Extreme Beast" face.

2) Regarding this new page, I am interested in seeing how this person affected Beast's character and what Beauty thinks about that flashback.

3)Three words:
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 4:11 PM, 2015
Alright, three things. 1.) Holy shit Beast, that be a terrifying face. 2.) Look little Argus's nose hasn't been broken yet - I wonder when we're going to see that happen. And 3.) "I can be anything you want" - oh no, no, no, baby, don't say that, this is how we get into versions of the "Beauty and the Beast" story in which the Beast was cursed for rejecting the sexual advances of his stepmother enchantress. Given Megan's essay on that subject (not to mention the witch-coded character having some creepily intimate panels with older Argus), she might be open to going there, so oh god don't foreshadow it, little one!
Michael 24th Apr 6:51 PM, 2017
nothing like that. I think she is a manipulative puppeteer who Needs a tough Boy who can Claim a place that she can still manipulate from the back.
Yes, sociopath as megan said.