Act Two, Chapter Five: 23

4th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 23
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 4th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015
The Beast's grimdark Giant With No Heart au fanfic is actually very popular.


Dream-Piper 4th Sep 1:14 AM, 2015
Sighs* :<
Aroura Nightshade 4th Sep 1:14 AM, 2015
Poor beast. Maybe a scratch behind the ears would cheer him up.
Kukki 4th Sep 3:41 AM, 2015
Who is speaking in the middle (rainy) panel? Are both bubbles the beast, or is the left side him and the right bubble her?
MsMegan 4th Sep 9:29 AM, 2015
It's all him. looking back, you're right, that's not especially clear. Noted for the print edition, thank you!
metaceryn 4th Sep 4:36 AM, 2015
On the other hand, Beast's eleven-trigger-warning Musicians of Bremen fic was the first to be proscribed on an Inquisitional Index.
cattservant 4th Sep 5:49 AM, 2015
AbigailBrooks 4th Sep 4:34 PM, 2015
...Well this speech from the Beast isn't ominous at all. I feel like it's inevitable that the Beast will entrust Beauty with his heart - which we already know is tied into his contract, since his attempts to bend the rules of that contract result in him having heart pains. So is he going to someday ask Beauty to destroy his heart as an act of mercy, since it would free him from his servitude and because he feels like a monster that doesn't belong in this world? I can see him doing that, though I doubt Beauty would take him up on it. I anticipate such a scene would have many tears and a lot of yelling, though.
Unknown 4th Sep 5:44 PM, 2015
The worst part is that he's right.
Michael 23rd Aug 5:02 PM, 2017
Hm. not 100% sure. You have seen some adopting of other species - but thats maybe jumping hormones and instincts. But an Ape helping a baby bird out of the water makes me think. It is there, rudimentary of course.
Mad Hatter 4th Sep 6:23 PM, 2015
I look forward to and dread the end. Look forward to it because it'll be amazing. Dread it because this series will end and probably in many many feels.
The Doodler 4th Sep 11:47 PM, 2015
The Doodler
Fiiiine, have someone talk about the nature of humanity. My heart works just fine with a icepick through it.