Act Two, Chapter Six: 029

18th Jan 11:19 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 029
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Jan 11:19 PM, 2016
moodkiller, that Castle.


niccillustrates 18th Jan 11:32 PM, 2016
I love how you handle the exposition and mysteries...and, well, everything else, haha!

Every new page of this leaves me giggling like an excited kid :') I just. Love this so much. Fast becoming one of my favorite BatB stories!
ArtistXXY 18th Jan 11:46 PM, 2016
Gorgeous ink work~ ♥ :D
a cranky coyote 19th Jan 12:45 AM, 2016
Beast's expression in that last panel is really great. You can see years, and weight, in that.
nora 19th Jan 2:03 AM, 2016
He doesn't thunk hes human...
cattservant 19th Jan 2:20 AM, 2016
A good description.
prime_pm 19th Jan 8:44 AM, 2016
"It isn't bothered by shades of gray, not even 49 or something."
Narnia4Aslan 19th Jan 10:51 PM, 2016
hmmm... I see the first panel and think "Get those "hands" together you two!". Also, great time for some Q&A! :D
Kawaii overload!!! 20th Jan 3:04 PM, 2016
I like how serious Beast looks in the last panel.
The Huntswoman 21st Jan 5:39 PM, 2016
He's all "stare dramatically into middle distance."
MsMegan 21st Jan 11:03 PM, 2016
that's his jam!
AbigailBrooks 1st Feb 9:11 PM, 2016
So in other words, they're at a nexus. That's um...well, that can certainly lead to some interesting things! And yes, Beauty, heed his words - this is why going into the maze would be a very, very bad idea. It will definitely try to bite you.
Michael 25th Apr 6:22 AM, 2017
Just now i noticed that the Symbol of the rose can also be seen as the eye of a beast.
Michael 25th Apr 6:24 AM, 2017
and the eye looks quite merciless at me.