Act Two, Chapter Six: 040

25th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 040
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016
"Oh, you meant that LITERALLY"


Sophi(e)a 25th Feb 11:09 PM, 2016
Oh my goodness.

Beast's dialogue in the last panel reads like a poem, and I love it.
nathyfaith 26th Feb 10:23 AM, 2016
I agree with you Sophie, it does read as a poem. It's beautiful!

PS: I was not expecting that. Good call though! I loved it!
Leandra B. 25th Feb 11:22 PM, 2016
Well I wasn't quite expecting that.
mistressdizzy 26th Feb 12:08 AM, 2016
Well, this is getting REALLY interesting.

Fluffy 26th Feb 1:14 AM, 2016
Things that are okay: Not this.
Karen 26th Feb 1:37 AM, 2016
Wait. WHAT?!?!?!?!
Cat 26th Feb 3:16 AM, 2016
I am suddenly reminded of Howl's Moving Castle and how he had no heart. And then complaining how heavy it is, when he got it back.
the selkie wife 26th Feb 3:34 AM, 2016
'There's blood on my hands, a curse in my veins, and a nest of thorns where my heart should be.'

aka the moment my heart was broken even more by this comic (which after the Argus-was-hit-by-his-mother reveal, I didn't think could possibly happen any more)
Paula Richey 26th Feb 7:32 AM, 2016
"Beauty, my darling, I'm a horrendous undead THING, you see, and I'm pretty sure I'm in too many pieces to fix."
cattservant 26th Feb 7:44 AM, 2016
Wheels withing wheels...
The Doodler 26th Feb 10:56 AM, 2016
The Doodler
You see a lot of fairytale characters with no hearts, or hearts taken out and hidden, but this is the first time the guy's been pitiable. :/

I wonder how it would feel. Like, running without a heartbeat. Or does it make him emotionally flatter, because he doesn't have that feedback loop from his own body?
M. Peach 26th Feb 11:13 AM, 2016
I don't see a lack of emotions at all...
Maybe thorns are an OK substitute, or maybe the lack of a heart means he only gets to feel some of the time, like when he's trying to be human and not an animal.
The Doodler 26th Feb 11:39 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Oh yeah, he's got emotions. I just wonder what it would feel like to have strong emotions and not feel your heartbeat then.

Calling it now: his mother/whoever has his heart, like, in a jar or something, and has magical control over him from that.
Cat 26th Feb 1:01 PM, 2016
I feel his mother is the one he's in contract with, yes. Maybe even be one who has some amount of control over the magic in the castle.
lauramack 4th Mar 7:37 AM, 2016
Odd thought... but... whoever said (within the comic) that she was his mother? What if she's just some witch lady he was basically sold to as a kid? I just don't really see her reproducing on purpose and she clearly knows ways of avoiding accidents... maybe she is, but I think we're taking for granted that she is.
Caro 26th Feb 12:13 PM, 2016
She's the rose among his nest of thorns.

*mic drop*
Ransom 26th Feb 12:29 PM, 2016
This adds a level of cringe to all those scenes where he grabs his 'heart' when the castle is restricting what he can say to Beauty. I'm imagining a nest of thorns constricting and coiling within him. Man...
Karen 27th Feb 2:03 AM, 2016
Oooh no!!! You're right!! :-( oh my goodness. That would feel...beyond what I can comprehend. Frick.
Unknown 26th Feb 5:01 PM, 2016
OH gosh, I was right!!!

And just think:
Beauty called Beast "heartless" when they first met and now she probably feels more horrible now than when she had first said it.
melaredblu 26th Feb 6:01 PM, 2016
That last panel is very impressive. Not just the art and delivery, but also the beauty in how his lines are written.
Valtinen (GraveGlamour) 26th Feb 6:47 PM, 2016
Everyone else is being completely intelligent and suitably emotional and I'm over here singing "Go All the Way" by the Raspberries (which happens to be on my 'Beats for Beasts' comment, ahem ahem).
MsMegan 26th Feb 7:12 PM, 2016
Gimme that playlist, Glamourpuss!
Valt (GG) 26th Feb 8:18 PM, 2016
Apparently, I'm technologically challenged because I'm not sure how to share a Spotify playlist -- so I'll toss it up on YouTube and link you to it. Careful what you wish for though, I even have I'm Too Sexy on it. ...I never specified what kind of beasts!
Stig Hemmer 29th Feb 12:29 PM, 2016
He's too sexy for his heart,
Too sexy for his heart,
Get a new on Wal-Mart
Kawaii overload!!! 26th Feb 8:09 PM, 2016
*snaps my fingers* CALLED IT!!!!
NanamiG 26th Feb 11:38 PM, 2016
Brings a whole new meaning to the story Virtue was telling... O.O
AbigailBrooks 6th Oct 10:01 PM, 2016
His heart was too heavy a burden--well alright then. Could you maybe explain that more, Beast? Could you maybe not be silent when Beauty essentially calls you a furry zombie? You are going to make her think you're a monster--which I suppose is accurate, physically speaking, but it's not necessarily /true/ either. You're going to give her the wrong idea about you (although I suppose you believe it, so there is that). Sure enough, Beauty starts pulling away in the last panel.
Michael 25th Apr 7:35 AM, 2017
He tried to tell her earlier.
His contract or he himself locked his heart away not to be hurt anymore. But I think she was able to open up the armor he or the contract put around his heart. I am talking about his ability to feel, love for example, curious about how the heartbeat fits in there.
Michael 25th Apr 7:37 AM, 2017
And now his Hands trying to hold her but being afraid to make a Cage or prison out of it.
Who would say he has no heart there?