Act Two, Chapter Six: 042

3rd Mar 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 042
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Mar 11:00 PM, 2016
had a rough night, guys. No snarky notes today.


Sophi(e)a 3rd Mar 11:07 PM, 2016
My heart is breaking for Beauty. I am proud of her for being so vocal about not wanting to be touched, because that isn't always easy. But, oh, the last panel is just heartbreaking. *sniffles*
nathyfaith 4th Mar 1:17 PM, 2016
I feel the same Sophie.
My heart hurts.
Sophi(e)a 4th Mar 3:36 PM, 2016
The tears, and the way she's biting her lip, and the way she's curling in on herself in the last panel just destroy me.
Mad Hatter 3rd Mar 11:08 PM, 2016
Nope. Nope. Nopety nope. *Twitches from feels*
a Drop of Beauty 4th Mar 12:02 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
"Back. The Swan-ship. Up. Okay, time-out!"
*somehow magically stops time or something and teleports the two of them to an alternate dimension consisting of nothing but a blank white page*
"You two! Stop mistaking each other. Beast, give'r some context. Beauty, stop jumping to conclusions. I'll be back in one hour and I expect to see reconsilatory hugging going on when I get back."
Michael 25th Apr 7:49 AM, 2017
Caro 4th Mar 1:41 AM, 2016
No point anymore if she can't love me...

I kinda want to hit him with a pillow and scream some sense into him. If there is just one thing he has in common with Disney-Beast it's that he obviously has no clue as how to deal with girls. *laughs*
Sophi(e)a 4th Mar 3:39 PM, 2016
Now I have "If I Can't Love Her" stuck in my head, and it's making this page so much more painful.

And yes to hitting Beast with pillows and screaming sense into him. Someone needs to do it, and Beauty seems to be in too much distress to do it properly.
metaceryn 4th Mar 1:49 AM, 2016
"What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach."
Cat 4th Mar 7:18 AM, 2016
"Poor Communication Kills" tropes...
Kay 4th Mar 4:21 PM, 2016
Kirala 4th Mar 8:07 AM, 2016
So, I noticed on the last page that when Beauty is backing away from the Beast, we can't see the reflections any more. Is that happening literally for Beauty as well? Is she unable to see the man anymore, and is that increasing her distress?
The Doodler 4th Mar 9:59 PM, 2016
The Doodler
The Beast definitely was wise in backing off. But poor kids, wow. They've taken a lot of hits.
Stitchingbelle 5th Mar 3:32 AM, 2016
The Beast has sad ears and I just can't.
Stitchingbelle 5th Mar 3:32 AM, 2016
The Beast has sad ears and I just can't.
Kawaii overload!!! 5th Mar 8:28 PM, 2016
No! NO!
Beauty! You're gonna make him feel guilty over this later and then you'll regret making him feel guilty and then there won't be any way outta this mess.
Please stop yourself before it's too late, Beauty! PLEASE!!!!!
Paula Richey 6th Mar 10:54 AM, 2016
Beauty, dearest, he can't tell you what he doesn't know.
Guest 14th May 3:10 AM, 2016
I'm a little lost with this event. Why is beauty reacting like this? Is it because she found out that Beast has no heart or could possibly be dead because he lacks a heart? It's just not registering in my brain TT^TT
AbigailBrooks 6th Oct 10:23 PM, 2016
"I consider myself to be a monster, but I have some shreds of humanity left, which I could share with you, if you want." This feels very...not like it would be a fulfilling relationship. Like they would be making the best of their circumstances, rather than being able to dedicate themselves fully to each other and fully accept each other. It worries me that the Beast is offering himself up like this, too. It suggests that he still idolizes Beauty--like he'll give her whatever she wants, regardless of his own needs and limitations.

Beauty's response is heartbreaking, but also very true. She has a family, so she can't stay, but the Beast and she are also /really/ different physically. She might be attracted to him, but even if she could embrace that attraction, she would then have to brave the actual acts of physical intimacy--which can be hard enough to try with someone for the first time, without the added difficulty of the Beast not being human. Kissing might be impossible for them. Sex? That's more likely as a possibility, but how would she even build up the nerve for it? It doesn't seem like she's in a mental place where she could do that, and the Beast is certainly not helping by painting himself in the worst possible light.
Michael 25th Apr 7:56 AM, 2017
To me it sounds more like he cannot or want not share all of himself with her. And love has no Limits. That would be a faul deal. Not a Basis for a realtionship, actually.

Beauty was looking for the reflection too much not the Beast itself. So maybe she is also not on the right way to a relationship by only idolizing a Picture and not the true Person.

More work ahead, im afraid.