Act one, Chapter Two: 11

26th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 11
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012
big place.


Zor15 26th Oct 12:18 PM, 2012
It's a really big castle.
cattservant 26th Oct 2:32 PM, 2012
Kind of empty too!
Kim M 10th Nov 9:48 PM, 2012
I love this place! And I'm really enjoying imagining who might be lurking in all that shadow.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 4:29 PM, 2013
I half-expected the Beast to be following after her in the shadows. I really hope he isn't. Anyway, we see yet more of the very desolate palace. It has a great need of flowers and pets, I think.
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 7:55 PM, 2013
I love the labyrinthine aspect to this. Although I wanted to laugh when I realized I felt this way at the first panel, because I expected the Beast to appear and sing, "How you've turned my world you precious thing!" No, Alyssa, the Beast is not Jareth, although he did threaten to kidnap her father instead of her baby brother.
MsMegan 22nd Aug 10:17 PM, 2013
Oh my gosh, Labyrinth. You caught me again. There was a full-on homage masquerade sequence in an earlier draft and my first test pages were absolutely Beauty in Jennifer Connely mode. XD

Live without the sunlight, love without your heart beating, indeed!
sheshallnotbenameless 24th Aug 12:54 AM, 2013
Seriously? That's awesome! Any chance you may one day let us take a peek at those pages? I'm so curious now!
MsMegan 24th Aug 9:25 AM, 2013
Hmm, I might be able to dig them up. I'll have to vet 'em for spoilers, though!