Act Two, Chapter Seven: 004

21st Mar 11:11 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 004
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 21st Mar 11:11 PM, 2016
Well done those of you who spotted a familiar tune!

Though perhaps this one would be a more appropriate choice for things up until now...hmm.


Sophi(e)a 22nd Mar 12:08 AM, 2016
Poor Beast. My heart aches.

The fact that Beast is singing should perhaps not surprise me, but it does. And it makes this much more painful. Before, the signing could have been coming from anywhere (I took it to be coming from the castle at large and not from anyone/anything specific). But not it's much more personal and heartwrenching.
Caro 22nd Mar 4:33 AM, 2016
I love how you successfully sail around those more difficult aspects of the tale that make people jump to all the wrong conclusions nowadays because they do not properly pay attention... (*cough* Stockholm Syndrom *cough*)

Oh, and also this: "No point anymore if she can't love me"
(Because the song rocks and I am beyond mad that it won't be in the new Disney movie! ;)
Hallan 22nd Mar 8:07 AM, 2016
I failed French (and every other foreign language class I took). Can someone help, please?
Kirala 22nd Mar 8:14 AM, 2016
Rosengeist posted a helpful link yesterday:
nathyfaith 22nd Mar 11:11 AM, 2016
*holds back the tears*
Such a beautiful and painful panel. His pain is so tactful. Is very heartwrenching indeed.

Trin 24th Mar 3:09 AM, 2016
Is there a link to the song he sings to?
Caro 24th Mar 3:56 AM, 2016
Megan put a link in her description right under the comic page.
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 7:03 PM, 2017
Oh, nope, I was wrong. The Beast is singing in Old French, which implies he's been a Beast for many years now. Also, ouch where his internal monologue is concerned. I definitely get why he would be worried about this--in their situation, it's entirely possible that Beauty would develop Stockholm Syndrome. That's part of why the Beast letting her go home later is so important--it helps their power dynamic shift to more equal footing, since Beauty will stop being a prisoner at that point. Her returning to him will not be something that he coerces her into, as he did with her coming to the castle in the first place (not that he intended to manipulate her, or intends her any ill will, be she made the decision to come to him under duress, given that her father would suffer if she didn't).