Act Two, Chapter Seven: 024

31st May 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 024
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st May 12:00 AM, 2016
Ah, here we are, then. The result of The Beast's paperwork!


Caro 31st May 12:06 AM, 2016
So, now comes the part were she smacks him for being a moron? :D
Michael 25th Apr 11:37 AM, 2017
When he is not lying.
Smack him and shed a lot of tears afterwards.
Mar-ee 31st May 12:26 AM, 2016
The toll and what toll did he have to pay?
Fluffy 31st May 12:37 AM, 2016
Oh dang it's this scene.
Alexandra 31st May 2:02 AM, 2016
See how he has fisted his hand! He trembles with emotion he can't show!
Michael 25th Apr 11:38 AM, 2017
Why do you Need to ask? i wanted this burden not on you.
Tuima 31st May 2:17 AM, 2016
Argh argh argh NO. Beast. Beast, self-sacrifice is noble and all but the self-loathing tint to this one sorta kills it...
Cat 31st May 2:45 AM, 2016
Beauty, please. Don't worry about the whole 'toll' thing. What you should be snapping about is that he did something that heavily concerned you, changed things without consulting you and is basically saying "Deal with it". Screw the toll, yell at him for screwing with your life without permission.
metaceryn 31st May 3:02 AM, 2016
Kawaii overload!!! 31st May 4:49 AM, 2016
Good god, Beast! About half of us are ready to do the smacking for Beauty. While some like me, plan on doing else. *holds up animal friendly pink hair dye and scissors*
WolfReader 31st May 6:42 AM, 2016
Like how most of you calling for beasts fur haven't realized a very simple truth: notice how whenever he discussed the finer details of the contracts, the castle only let him go so far.
Maybe, and this is just a hunch, but maybe the castle IS PREVENTING HIM FROM DISCUSSING IT WITH HER!
JIMMY CRICKET you people... put down the shavers and realize the castle probably wants beauty to STAY so it has another leash on Beast. Whatever he did to change the contract probably means the castle gets to keep him. Forever, one way or the other.
He made a mistake bringing her there, and now he's fixing it and you're saying he's a jerk for not talking to her about it?
What if her refusing to leave before the modification beast made would trap her there forever? And before you say we don't know that it did, we also don't know how Beast is alive without a beating heart either; if the castle is powerful enough to do that, what else could it do?
What else would it do?
The castle is pulling both their strings; beasts just doing what hes always been doing: being the fall guy and making sure Beauty doesn't end up like him.
Sophi(e)a 31st May 12:04 PM, 2016
He may not be able to tell her the specifics of the contract, but that doesn't change the fact that it's gross of him to change her life in this way without her consent, knowledge, or opinion.
Cat 31st May 2:23 PM, 2016
As Sophi(e)a says, we are not angry about him not talking properly because the castle magic and stuff with contract, bla bla.

It's him doing things without her consent. He's manipulating her life, without even knowing if she is okay with it. For all he knows, Beauty may be okay with staying in the long run.

THAT is what bugs us. (Personally, it also bugs me cause this feels like convoluted drama, but... you know, that's just my personal feeling)
Paula Richey 31st May 3:38 PM, 2016
But he does know that she isn't okay with staying in the long run. She told him his best suggestion for dealing with staying would be like cutting out her own heart - not really a thing he'd wish on anyone else.
Survivors of abuse are often hyper-sensitive to small triggers and signals - he's used to acting on the slightest cue to avoid conflict. She misses her family, seeing them in the fountain is not an adequate solution, he can't step in and fill that need for her because he's the jailer/not human/unable to tell her what she wants to know about him, so... the only thing left to give her is freedom, and he can't really comprehend spending any time doing anything else when it seems like the situation is getting worse every moment.
The contract needed changing. Beauty needed freedom. And yes, if he'd been thinking straight, he might have realized that he needed to discuss this with Beauty prior to doing it - but a lot happened just the day before and he's a mess.
Sophi(e)a 31st May 4:10 PM, 2016
The contract did need changing, and Beauty deserves to be free from the hold it has over her. I'm not going to argue against either of those facts. But that doesn't stop it from upsetting me that Beauty had no say in how the contract was changed. Even though the situation is messy because Beast can't say certain things. This may turn out to be the best way things could have played out, but the upsetting parts of it are still upsetting.
Michael 25th Apr 5:03 PM, 2017
And he is not only a mess, he is a man and a moron as well. And want to Keep all the bad things and Feelings away from her since she cant love him anyway, but he still does not want her hurting, right?
When she doesnt care anyway, what to safe her from, then?
Michael 25th Apr 11:41 AM, 2017
hey, good Points. all of them.
Tarmis 31st May 9:34 AM, 2016
Ha it's a little bit funny for me. In hungarian toll means pen so when I first read this page it sounded strange. :D
But OMG how can I joke about something like this? We have a serious drama over here! I can't believe myself.
NanamiG 31st May 11:29 AM, 2016
Somewhat unrelated question: Ms. Megan, how long has Beauty been at the castle?
Kukki 31st May 11:02 PM, 2016
I'm guessing we'll find out when she goes home and her family exclaims how long it's been since they last saw her?
Sophi(e)a 31st May 12:02 PM, 2016
Beast, I care about you and your well-being, but oh my god you need to not do stuff like this. Wanting to give Beauty a way out is nice of you and all, but you should have run the changes by her before you did something that will end up hurting you both.
The Doodler 31st May 1:25 PM, 2016
The Doodler
Good for him! The only ethical thing to do with a slave (even a well-treated slave) is free them, stat.
Paula Richey 31st May 3:18 PM, 2016
Well, "You have your freedom" is essentially the same as "You have options now," so I'm satisfied on Beauty's behalf. If he's going to be doing things to her contract without her express permission, at least it's to negate the initial injustice of her captivity in the first place. She told him earlier she can't live like this, and her unhappiness has been eating at him. His position as her jailer is morally wrong and he can't dodge that truth anymore. Even if there wasn't an evil rose hedge maze after her, there's just no way to turn the relationship healthy on this kind of soil.
Meanwhile, his depressive episode must still be fresh in her mind - he thinks he's moving on, but she knows he has only *just* been talking about how killing the giant in that story was a mercy for the giant.
Naomi 31st May 3:48 PM, 2016
Some of the people in the comments today need to chill the heck out.
By definition, Beast setting Beauty free gives her the ability to completely make her own choices. He's not taking away her control over her life by doing this without talking to her first, in fact he's literally giving her back control of her life. He's fixing his mistake.
While you could maaaaaybe argue that he still should have told her first what he was doing before he did it, I still don't think him not telling her makes it "gross." Slightly inconsiderate and presumptive perhaps but not "problematic."
I could understand people being upset if Beast had changed any other aspect of their contract without telling Beauty but him setting her free from it (especially since it's being heavily hinted that the price for Beast is one that Beauty would have objected to if she knew it)? Weird thing to get angry about, people.
Caro 1st Jun 7:17 AM, 2016
I'm not angry because I find this gross or problematic, I am mildly annoyed because this is the necessary action to get things moving forward but since I am guessing in which direction this will move I am not okay with him doing this all in secret and stuff. It's like when you're watching a movie and start shouting at the screen because you want the people to be well and happy already. ;)
SableCarmela 2nd Jun 1:25 PM, 2016
*Gasps and rithes* I shouldn't have bulk read this all!! @^@ The pain is REAL!!!
Paula Richey 2nd Jun 1:56 PM, 2016
Seriously, this comic needs to come with a disclaimer. ;D
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 9:34 PM, 2017
Oh, see, there it is! Beauty knows that something is up! I'm imagining her voice quaking in the first panel. And why yes, Beauty, there is a toll--a big one--you just won't be the one paying for it if the Beast has his way.