Act Two, Chapter Seven: 025

3rd Jun 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 025
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Jun 12:00 AM, 2016
"But you certainly can evade"


Mar-ee 3rd Jun 12:01 AM, 2016
That part where he's silent. I really almost expected him to say that he loved her or truly cared. Even if he didn't say it looks like he holds back more than he wanted to say
Fluffy 3rd Jun 1:02 AM, 2016
The painful smile he pulls off in the first panel kills me inside.
Caro 3rd Jun 1:58 AM, 2016
"No harm will come to your loved ones!"
Yeah... right... let's talk about that again in a few days when you lie dying in the garden, shall we?! ;)
Kukki 3rd Jun 2:12 AM, 2016
Exactly. Only he doesn't believe he counts as one of her "loved ones," and so believes he isn't lying. I am sure she will beg to differ!
Michael 25th Apr 5:07 PM, 2017
Yes, you are right about him. And besides loving him there still can be liking him and care about him. But he is all black and White on that im afraid.
Kirala 3rd Jun 9:25 AM, 2016
I'm curious how the prohibition on lying works, actually. Would he have been able to say this the previous day, when he was hoping she loved him and uncertain whether he qualified? Would he be able to say this if she were able to openly admit that she loves him? (And I think the previous morning she would have been able to admit to loving him as a friend, even if the "jailer" thing made it problematic, and I think that given space she'd be able to say it's still true now.) Would he be able to say this as long as he believed it to be true at the moment - in a moment of self-loathing doubt - or is more sustained belief necessary?

And most interesting for me - is there any level at which he could be forced to admit that she loves him because he's actually physically unable to utter those words?
Alexandra 3rd Jun 2:30 AM, 2016
*sobs inside* I really hope the castle won't do him harm when she is gone. Though I think he'll fall into depression...
metaceryn 3rd Jun 3:43 AM, 2016

It's super effective!
SableCarmela 3rd Jun 5:08 PM, 2016
+9999 Damage to heart! *dies*
Cat 3rd Jun 7:27 AM, 2016
"I am a monster...!" *dark, loud thunder growling in the background*

Dial down the drama, Beast. It's beginning to be difficult to care if you are being melodramatic.
MsMegan 3rd Jun 7:55 PM, 2016
*aggressively cranks the drama dial while cackling*
Cat 6th Jun 9:25 AM, 2016
Please don't be surprised if I utter the eight words nobody should say about a story later on~
Jess 6th Jun 12:07 PM, 2016
Long time reader, first time poster.

Cat, I feel as though your approach here is inappropriate. I think you'll find your opinions are received better if presented as constructive criticism rather than couching your concerns in cryptic insults. As it is, I wouldn't be surprised if your snide comments create resentment and bitterness, rather than encouraging the change you'd like to see.

Just my two cents!
Rosengeist 6th Jun 12:51 PM, 2016
Cat, no one is forcing you to read this comic, nor is the creator requiring you to pay. As as a reader you get to decide whether or not you like the content, but you don't get to threaten the author if it doesn't go in the direction you want it to.

Megan hasn't asked her readers for money, she hasn't required you to buy the book before reading the content. She's been posting these pages at no cost to you for years now. Furthermore, it's a story she's been creating based on her experiences, and her understanding of the world. You don't have to like it, or agree with it. But maybe consider that this is someone's labor of love, freely distributed, before threatening her because it's not doing what you want.

There's being a fan and there is being a bully. A fan understands that sometimes, stories don't do what they want. They can debate them, or discuss them without making vague threats at people. A bully see's that someone has done something they dislike, and starts going after the creator for it. Simply put, you're acting a bully.
SableCarmela 6th Jun 3:28 PM, 2016
So evil~!! XD I'm truly enjoying it though! You're taking this story to places I've never seen within the original while keeping to its original purpose. The romance and subtleness of its progression are astonishingly well done and I absolutely love it! XD I can't wait for more and I'm eager to see where else you take it.
Sophi(e)a 3rd Jun 11:55 AM, 2016
It's so sad that he think this is the best course of action and that the suffering will be kept to a minimum, when from the outside it is very clear that there is going to be plenty of pain and heartbreak.
Michael 25th Apr 5:14 PM, 2017
I truly shed some tears with this Comic.
It is not a bad Thing.
When I was a child, mom was singing a good night song sometimes and i started crying. She didnt understand I was crying because it was so beautiful.
Stitchlingbelle 3rd Jun 12:33 PM, 2016
Define 'harm', Beast. Because I think emotional harm very much counts...
WolfReader 3rd Jun 8:16 PM, 2016
Here's the thing. I don't think he counts as one of her loved ones. If he did, he wouldn't have been able to say that. She doesn't know how she feels about him, and hes pretty certain his future doesn't exist.
Can't blame him; she did punch him in the gut and run from him instead of letting him explain as best he could.
We've already seen that not having a physical heart does not mean hes immune to emotional pain, and being rejected that hard core after opening up as much as he did would make anyone jaded as hell.
Kirala 4th Jun 6:34 PM, 2016
Re: your first two sentences: I don't think this tells us anything, though. Because if I were the Beast, and I were unable to utter falsehood REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I KNEW THE TRUTH, I'd be playing oracle by seeing what I could and could not utter - and that would be too convenient for him, on a number of levels. "I can only make Beauty happy by c- huh, I can't say that, apparently cutting myself out of her life ISN'T the only way. I can ma- wait, no, can't say that either; really? I can't make her happy by cutting myself out of her life? I'M CONFUSED!"

I really think the prohibition against lying only applies to what he KNOWS. And as I commented above, I think there might be some flexibility with "knowledge" that could be very interesting, but knowledge seems like it would have to be a component. So while the Beast can't lie, he can be mistaken.
The Doodler 4th Jun 1:18 AM, 2016
The Doodler
I guess this beast keeps being a wit after his transformation, unlike the original...
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 9:41 PM, 2017
"I am a beast. But I've always hoped to avoid becoming a monster." As a writer, I am envious of this amazing line! I know you said once that you didn't think you could write a novel that could hold a candle to McKinley's versions of BATB, but I disagree strongly. I think this could have been just as great as a novel, even though I deeply love the comic version that you're giving us instead. As for the rest of the Beast's speech--he's smoothing over her worries, which in itself is worrying. If only he could/would just explain things to her in detail!