Act Three, Chapter One: 037

22nd Dec 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 037
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Dec 11:00 PM, 2016
Yaaay week of all-nighters! @___@


Mar-ee 22nd Dec 11:51 PM, 2016
Ahhh look who's again winning mother of the year award.

Heh yeah she can complain all she wants but isn't it kind a hit/and miss with illegitimate children taking the throne. Plus the "king" probably had other women aside, there was no real guarantee that just cause Argus was born she'd be safe in ranks.
melaredblu 23rd Dec 3:13 AM, 2016
Well, this puts a lot of puzzle pieces into place. And also raises some scary questions about her deeds that I'm not sure I want the specifics on. What a terrifying character.
the selkie wife 23rd Dec 5:43 AM, 2016
Well. That explains how she knew so much about the uses of . . . what was it again? Wild Carrot? . . . when telling Argus what to do with his girlfriend.
Daioni 23rd Dec 11:43 AM, 2016
Wild carrot is actually as young queen Anne's lace, but it can be easily confused with hemlock, which is deadly if ingested. If applied carefully it can be used as a narcotic, but you can easily overdose.
Stitchlingbelle 23rd Dec 8:29 PM, 2016
I do not have high hopes for this child's future. Or anyone's future here, really.
Miss Elcia 24th Dec 8:07 PM, 2016
I'm with you on that one.

On a happier note, I'm also wondering if that "mouse of a foreign queen" was smarter than Moma Dearest, running off to her family soon as she knew she was pregnant.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 4:04 PM, 2017
So the king apparently married a woman of high social standing from another country, presumably a princess. This was probably done to forge a political alliance--if there was any love in the picture, it's probably faded by now, given that the king is known to have mistresses (from the sound of it, more than one of them may have given him bastards over the years, which Argus's mother may have also "taken care of"). I'm guessing that Argus's mother may have been the king's first lover, with their relationship presumably ending around the time when the king got married. This no doubt planted the seeds of bitterness in Argus's mother that have turned her into the person we see today.

It sounds like the queen, after many years of miscarriages, guessed that Argus's mother--her handmaid or her physician, perhaps?--was responsible for poisoning her, and chose to flee to her birth family when she found out she was pregnant again. Perhaps the king still feels fondly towards Argus's mother (I somewhat doubt that) or the queen simply doesn't have proof about what Argus's mother was doing, so she couldn't accuse Argus's mother of anything. Either way, the queen succeeded in having an heir at last, foiling all of Argus's mother's plans. I think she's much smarter than Argus's mother would like to think.
Michael 25th Apr 11:55 PM, 2017
I am wondering all that falling in mistforks, out of Windows and sucking on arsenic lollis was just bad luck for the other bastards.