Act Three, Chapter One: 038

26th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Three: Chapter One
Act Three, Chapter One: 038
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Dec 11:00 PM, 2016
Hope y'all had a nice holiday!


Glitter Cat 26th Dec 11:05 PM, 2016
I can't seem to read the words that are that on purpose?
Aroura Nightshade 26th Dec 11:34 PM, 2016
The first one says months. Can't read the second one but the third bolded words reads "I gave up everything for you"
Fractal Dawn 27th Dec 1:24 AM, 2016
I think the first one is "nothing." "All my efforts have been for nothing." I can't find it now, but we caught a glimpse of this scene earlier, with the "I gave up everything for you" line already seen.
nathyfaith 5th Jan 1:35 PM, 2017
Actually, "nought" means nothing, it's old English ;)
Kukki 27th Dec 12:25 AM, 2016
It looks like the stroke was set too high. Even the borders of each frame are too thick. Oops. She's been very busy; simple slips happen. I'm sure she'll get it fixed when she can. :)
Ransom 27th Dec 12:56 AM, 2016
Hmm, see, I assumed the first two were just...profane and the third was her speaking in such rage as to be hard to understand, or it hurt so much to hear her say that. I guess maybe the third one could be just a lettering issue.
Fluffy 27th Dec 12:58 AM, 2016
I kinda like how it looks. The intense strokes causing some of the words to get sort of blacked out makes the emotions in this moment even fiercer and makes the memory seem like something he wants to forget. Even if it is an accident, it looks pretty cool.
flatbear 27th Dec 10:10 AM, 2016
I assumed it says "my every effort has been for naught", but I actually talk archaically like that in real life, so....
lamepudding 27th Dec 8:15 PM, 2016
I think it says "every effort had been for /nothing/" and "now you are /useless/" and finally "/I have up everything for you/"

I think Beast is blocking out the parts that hurt the most.
Kawaii overload!!! 26th Dec 11:21 PM, 2016
Oh geez…Argus, you really should get out of there. I have a bad feeling that she's gonna pull a knife on you.
Fluffy 26th Dec 11:36 PM, 2016
"I gave up everything for you!" (That's all I can read)
Oh boy, we are reaching the tipping point of the iceberg. Poor Argus...
Mar-ee 26th Dec 11:52 PM, 2016
Hard to believe Argus has such a sweet personality to come from king or no king, an asshole father and a crazy mother
Exasperated Dwarf 27th Dec 1:22 AM, 2016
That my every effort has been for naught... And now you are useless... I gave up everything for you. Hope that helps.
Kazer 27th Dec 2:28 AM, 2016
Ahhh, I was having trouble with the middle one, thanks.
metaceryn 27th Dec 4:52 AM, 2016
Yisssss, this is getting excitiiiiing....

By which I mean horrifyiiiiiing....
the selkie wife 27th Dec 6:00 AM, 2016
and now, that one line 'i gave up everything for you', finally comes back around. not his girlfriend at all, like we first suspected, but his /mother/. i have this horrible feeling that she's about to hit him - or worse/
Cat 27th Dec 7:17 AM, 2016
Mother, dearest, your demonic voice is becoming difficult to understand.

Either that or it looks like you're trying to censor yourself; which I find funnier.
Hallan 27th Dec 8:36 AM, 2016
"I gave up everything for you"? Oh, please, woman. You gave it up for yourself, and only for yourself. So take your herbs, your "dignity", and your attitude and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.
KatieKat 27th Dec 8:39 AM, 2016
I almost find it more terrifying that I can't read some of what she's saying - as if she's lapsing into some sort of demonic fit.
flatbear 27th Dec 10:12 AM, 2016
Let's seeeee..... "That my every effort has been for NAUGHT", "And now you are USELESS". Lastly (and most obviously), "I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU!"

She's a real charmer, huh.
windsroad 27th Dec 9:16 PM, 2016
Just finished rereading the whole comic again... I'm sooo excited to see how this all turns out. (and excited to see how everything happened in the past)
Mums 28th Dec 9:51 AM, 2016
Now I'm just reminded of when she saved him from falling out of that window...I thought (well, hoped) we were seeing some buried, natural mother instinct. But no. She was saving her power play, her card to climb the social ladder and get more power, wealth, and who knows what else...
Cat 29th Dec 7:54 AM, 2016
You know, somehow, this woman reminds me of what's-her-face in Chie Shinohara's Kin no Torikago manga. It's based in Turkey and on the historical person, Hürem, who became the sultan's wife. (similar to her Red River, based on Mursili II's writings)

The woman I'm thinking about is one of the rival harem women, who already bore a son to the sultan and is ready to kill any of the other women, if it turns out that they are pregnant by the sultan.
Helena 29th Dec 1:23 PM, 2016
"Useless". Hum...

I wonder if Argus made a deal with the fountain because his mom expelled him from the castle? Or cause she tried to kill him?

Elin 29th Dec 3:09 PM, 2016
Im noticing that the letter-opener are scary close to her hand in this situation....
Erin 29th Dec 8:18 PM, 2016
Can I just say, I've been mainlining this story for about a week now and I LOVE it. Also, the blacking out of the characters in these memory sequences is brilliantly effective. I feel like I know who they are but the mystery and malice surrounding their facelessness reminds me that I don't know them at all- especially Argus.
This is phenomenal work. Thank you for sharing it with us.
AbigailBrooks 22nd Jan 4:18 PM, 2017
So from what this page implies, Argus's mother is/was a noblewoman at the king's court. She began a relationship with the king, which became intimate, perhaps thinking that if she seduced him or if he fell in love with her, he would marry her someday. There might have even been genuine affection between them at the time. Unfortunately, either because the marriage was arranged already or political pressures necessitated the match, the king married a foreign princess instead of Argus's mother. Even more unfortunately, Argus's mother was pregnant with the king's bastard at the time.

Perhaps she became pregnant intentionally, hoping to force the king into marrying her that way. Perhaps it was an accident, but she hoped that the king would still acknowledge his son by her as his heir. He did no such thing, though, leaving Argus's mother in a nasty predicament. Having a bastard, even a king's bastard, ruined her honor and made her unfit for another marriage match in the eyes of the court. The fact that she didn't send him away to be fostered elsewhere only gave the court a visible reminder of this fact.

She really never stood a chance after deciding to have and keep the baby, despite her dreams that everything would still work out in her favor. I can see what led her to becoming this person, especially if she did love the king at one point, only to be betrayed by him. That doesn't excuse how she has treated Argus, of course, or how she has hurt the queen and maybe even the king's other children. But it does make you pity the young woman she might have been, before all of this happened and she became the abusive person she is today.