Act one, Chapter Two: 21

30th Nov 11:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 21
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 30th Nov 11:00 AM, 2012
Things got a little dialogue heavy here, but hopefully that's a nice change from weeks of silent pages of Beauty wandering the castle alone!


cattservant 30th Nov 11:42 AM, 2012
"No intentions..."
Marquesa 30th Nov 12:26 PM, 2012
No intentions, hmm... Except, of course, that he will ask for her hand in marriage every night. I love the art, really, it's lovely.
MsMegan 30th Nov 1:38 PM, 2012
Well, it might be true...For the moment.
Kim M 30th Nov 10:28 PM, 2012
I really like the dialogue. With this faery tale, I'm always caught between wanting it to move along so I can watch it unfold and wanting it to slow down so I can savor it. This panel meets my need for the former, just as Beauty's silent wanderings suited the latter. (Also, the hands...and paws/claws...! ::grins::)
MsMegan 1st Dec 12:52 AM, 2012
The pacing has been such a challenge! things are about to start moving faster from here through the next chapter (a little faster than I would like, but visual pacing is so different from prose pacing!).
a Drop of Beauty 1st Dec 1:15 AM, 2012
a Drop of Beauty
Loving this so much!!!
RosesnWater 11th Feb 3:06 AM, 2013
I love the introduction of the beast, especially his sad eyes and his wonderful hands, they are so expressive even when we cannot see his face, very interesting indeed :D
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 5:44 PM, 2013
...Beauty, you seriously came here because you would rather be /eaten alive/ than allow your father to suffer that fate? Damn, girl, that's real courage and love right there. And yes, I just bet that the other possibilities of what the Beast wants are distressing to you. Fortunately, the Beast is not going to be taking advantage of your position. You coming here willingly meets the needs of the contract - as, I suspect, attending dinner with the Beast will. I rather think he'd let you eat wherever and whenever you wanted, if it weren't. And yes, the upturned palms of honesty - nice touch.
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 10:07 PM, 2013
"I have no intentions whatsoever." Again, I really think he's trying to resign himself to his fate rather than force himself on her. But then, I've always loved that idea of the Beast so I may just be projecting here.

Possible spoilers (?) for new readers:
Very possibly, he means the castle or the forces that be have intentions, and he's merely their pawn, if one considers later pages.
Chi 26th Sep 12:17 PM, 2016
Not dialog heavy. It's perfect. The reader has as many questions as Beauty after all this time, so we're begging for information.