Act Three, Chapter Two: 43

29th Jun 11:23 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 43
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Jun 11:23 PM, 2017
It's a boreal owl. Super cute.


Fluffy 29th Jun 11:44 PM, 2017
Oh snap it's that guy's name.

Also I like the shading in the blanket. Pretty nice contrast and symbolism there.
Meg 30th Jun 12:18 AM, 2017
Okay Beauty, you won't be leaving your family again for some guy, you're leaving for a guy whose name you know. But go now, before he's bled out completely...
Bill 30th Jun 12:37 AM, 2017
Hmmm . . . Owls are harbingers of death in many cultures . . .
Mar-ee 30th Jun 12:47 AM, 2017
Subtle referencee to a certain someone
Alexandra 30th Jun 5:08 AM, 2017
Beuty: *whispers* Argus...
Sybilla J 30th Jun 6:27 AM, 2017
I LIKE THIS IDEA. Didn't that happen in the original (Cocteau) film? Except with a ring i think...(it's been a while)
Cat 30th Jun 6:19 AM, 2017
Beauty: Beast! Beast, I've come back for you!
Swan-Mom: He's dead, Jim.
prime_pm 30th Jun 8:14 AM, 2017
Beauty: Argus...Argus...Argus...
Maddie Hatter 30th Jun 2:36 PM, 2017
Nice reference there, thumbs up lol
Guest 30th Jun 8:17 AM, 2017
What time is it? Showtime! Showtime! Showtime! Woot!
Guest 15th Jul 6:23 PM, 2017
Which bouquet is this in the book? Pansy and... Black-eyed Susan? I can't tell!
Paula Richey 16th Jul 7:55 AM, 2017
Found it - pansy, motherwort, helenium.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 8:25 PM, 2017
I love how she's looking through his notebook and tracing her fingertips along his name. I think she'll start the journey back to him soon enough, though this time, it will be with the blessing and support of her family, bringing things full circle.