Act Three, Chapter Two: 45

7th Jul 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Two
Act Three, Chapter Two: 45
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 7th Jul 12:00 AM, 2017
I miss this guyyyy the human characters suuuuuck


Mar-ee 7th Jul 12:05 AM, 2017
Omg I love this page so much!

Beauty go to him! He needs you!
kenlon 7th Jul 6:00 AM, 2017
And, just as importantly, you need him.

Fluffy 7th Jul 12:06 AM, 2017
When you miss the Floof!

Anyway Cupid definitely hit her with an arrow from point blank range.
Wolfreader 7th Jul 3:19 AM, 2017
Flaming arrow; love has engulfed her at this point.
metaceryn 7th Jul 3:02 AM, 2017
Well dear, if you do want to talk to him about these feels–or, you know, talk to him without taxidermy and a Ouiji board ever again–now would be a cracking good time to get on with it.

Also I love how, at this point, even the author is 100% done with this family and their freight train full of emotional baggage.
Guest 7th Jul 9:53 AM, 2017
Omg. Wonder if she'll open a portal or something?
FelinaofL2 7th Jul 10:55 PM, 2017
Beauty, there's a difference between "Supposed Happiness" and "Actual Happiness". Go after him!

Maybe Swan-Mom can give her a good push in the right direction?
Miss Elcia 7th Jul 10:57 PM, 2017
Just ask that fancy mirror he gave you...oh wrong version...guess you gotta leg it then kiddo....but if you'd like to see him again in this lifetime I'd recommend you get going.
Cat 8th Jul 6:23 AM, 2017
Just GO already!
Paula Richey 8th Jul 8:49 AM, 2017
If only she had a feathered cape.
melaredblu 9th Jul 12:11 AM, 2017
I really like that last line. Considering that much of their bonding took place through conversation and discussing difficult topics and problems, it makes perfect sense that she would feel this way now.
Guest 9th Jul 1:39 AM, 2017
Hers is the kind of love he has waited his whole life for.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 8:51 PM, 2017
I feel like this page underscores how different Beauty's relationship with the Beast is to those of her family. It's not even that their relationship is romantic--it's that they talked about many subjects while they were together, including some that were upsetting and difficult for them to get through (such as their discussion about her being his prisoner). As a result, there's an intimacy between them that Beauty struggles to have with her own family. The fact that Beauty and the Beast often reassured each other after those discussions only added to that intimacy and the trust between them.

Plus, the two of them have shared experiences with magic that the other members of Beauty's family wouldn't understand, at least not entirely. They have some experience with it, of course, thanks to Swan Mom. However, those interactions with magic were slight and indirect, compared to the magic at the castle, which Beauty and the Beast were steeped in. So I can see why Beauty wants to talk to him so badly. Hopefully she will head back sooner rather than later, for his sake.