Act Three, Chapter Three: 11

18th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 11
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Aug 12:00 AM, 2017
aw kid


Mar-ee 18th Aug 12:15 AM, 2017
Argus you poor baby8(. I hate seeing that he went through so much pain and that there was no one in his earlier life that seemed to care.
Silly_Panda_105 18th Aug 12:32 AM, 2017
Poor dear...... I feel so bad for him....
Been Too Close 18th Aug 1:27 AM, 2017
I remember reading Act Two, Chapter One, pages 31 and 32 for the first time.

I remember being astonished that someone else had read the Beast and his emotions the way I had, for years. I remember thinking about myself and all the friends I had who had thought about it, or come within inches, even one text or phone conversation away from losing them. I thought about one of my best friends who did lose someone to this illness.

Okay, so maybe I was a very little bit disappointed that someone else had gotten to a Beast battling suicide before I wrote it. But... thanks, Megan, for writing these emotions, and capturing that feeling--and that feeling of fear even as you're on that edge. I never got that far, but it's been one of my deepest nightmares for years. So thanks, so much, for writing this in a way that made me feel not only *not* insulted, but empathy more or less to the point of tears, repeatedly, since reading those pages. Knowing what's been coming for so long is a constant feeling of dread and compassion and understanding I really appreciate.

And I appreciate so much that I know some of his pain, at least, will ease. So... thanks.

Sorry if that went on too long. I've been waiting for these pages for a long time, and they feel more or less the way I thought they would.
the selkie wife 18th Aug 2:10 AM, 2017
oh, /kid/.

the way the shadows bend into his bloodstains, the kind of horrific way it trickles down his arm -- it's gloriously unsettling, is what it is.

and his actual speech bubbles looking like the blood as well -- just. awesome job, MsMegan.
Pat R 18th Aug 3:30 AM, 2017
Yeah... We understand well, Argus.. It's the endless pain we fear and want to go away, and death FEELS like the answer until we're on our knees at its door. Suicide is never the true answer, and it makes me wonder in sadness what could have been for so many who felt it was the only way. Those of us who have even considered the idea of taking our own lives (myself included long, long ago) can understand this well, even if not to the same degree as others.

Even just to see someone suffering so deeply in their heart as Argus did, it hurts my own. Yet, with what we have seen as a result of this choice, without what is needed most, the pain finds a way to continue in a seemingly endless cycle.

You have a deep understanding of the nature of the human heart, Megan. You depict it with sheer, raw emotion, and I admire that very much. Continue forth with your vision. It's wonderful to behold, truly.
Me 18th Aug 8:29 AM, 2017
I know the feeling ?
Stitchlingbelle 18th Aug 3:24 PM, 2017
Somebody save our bae! *cries*
Fluffy 18th Aug 4:10 PM, 2017
Wow... For two years now, I assumed Argus's "Event" was just him killing himself in front of the fountain so these past few pages have consisted of me just nodding with a solemn expression.

This caught me off guard though. Like wow I can't even imagine the fear Argus is going through right now. ... Just damn (really tragic moment but damn good story telling)
Cat 20th Aug 1:54 PM, 2017
Well, that's usually how it is. You wanna kill yourself, but as you are on your last seconds of life, you desperately want to cling to it.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 10:49 PM, 2017
"And in that failing moment, the realization that he doesn't want to die after all."--Yeah. I didn't that think he did, deep down. He hesitated from taking the more certain methods of suicide, like the hemlock, and it seemed like he just...wanted out of his current life, rather than out of life itself. He just couldn't think of another way out until it was too late--until the reality of dying hit him like this.

Oh Argus. You poor thing. You need all of the comfort and support that Beauty can give you, when you're together again. I hope that you can move past this and find a way to be happy with yourself and her. You trying to kill yourself again in the present day really, really worries me where your future is concerned. Just hold on, buddy. Help is coming.
Cat 21st Aug 5:06 AM, 2017
"You trying to kill yourself again in the present day really, really worries me where your future is concerned."

As the terrible manga/novel/based-on-phone-novel-written-by-Mika "Koi Zora" has taught readers, it doesn't matter if you tried to kill yourself a second time recently. The fact that you learned that you are pregnant with the child of a dead man, but have no stable homelife or income of your own and, as the previous suicide attempts have shown, are emotionally super fragile, it's TOTALLY gonna be awesome and nothing but happy. =D (That was an absolutely horrible, disgusting manga...)
AbigailBrooks 21st Aug 6:07 AM, 2017
And I'm not sure why that's relevant to this comic, which treats the subject with far more gravity?
NanamiG 21st Aug 9:56 AM, 2017
Is this not just the Beast remembering what Argus did back in the forest long ago as he's dying from current wounds? Everyone seems pretty sure that he's trying to kill himself again, but I just took this as him remembering how he got to this point in the first place.
Caro 21st Aug 10:17 AM, 2017
I think what people are actually referring to is Beast altering the contract in a way that causes him to die, therefore creating a parallel of some sorts to Argus' suicide in the past.