Act Three, Chapter Three: 23

28th Sep 11:36 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 23
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 28th Sep 11:36 PM, 2017


Mar-ee 28th Sep 11:55 PM, 2017
This just heartwrenching, even if this is a comic the words itself show the sorrow and weariness Beast must have gone through
Caro 29th Sep 12:02 AM, 2017
ExasperatedDwarf 29th Sep 12:18 AM, 2017
DreamPiper 29th Sep 2:04 AM, 2017
Darcy 29th Sep 7:43 AM, 2017
metaceryn 29th Sep 1:10 PM, 2017
Check the last panel. Way ahead of you.
Alexandra 29th Sep 1:46 AM, 2017
Why do I feel that he has forgotten Beauty?
ch1ck4do0dl3 30th Sep 12:26 AM, 2017
Forgotten her? I'd think it's rather the opposite at this point; it's not that he's forgotten her, but rather that he can't and he's sinking further into despair because of that.
Skatie 29th Sep 2:03 AM, 2017
Is the rose vine growing THROUGH his chest?
Cartoon Sara 29th Sep 9:18 AM, 2017
I suspect that at least some part of it is growing INSIDE his chest.

He's said that he is "heartless." He gets horrible chest pains whenever he begins to say something he’s not allowed to. Perhaps it's literal as well as metaphorical and there's a tangle of thorns where his heart used to be.
metaceryn 29th Sep 1:10 PM, 2017
image Horrifying cardiac topiary confirmed.
Cartoon Sara 29th Sep 3:39 PM, 2017
I clearly should have checked the archives for evidence. Now it seems pretty clear that the poor guy has an internal shrubbery.

I don’t know that it’s the source of all the vines we're seeing now, but I don’t think that rose is so much pinned to his shirt as growing through it, among other things.
Darcy 29th Sep 9:13 PM, 2017
"Cardiac Topiary" is my new band name.
Guest 29th Sep 6:29 AM, 2017
Oh wow, she is gonna find him covered in roses. She will have to go all Prince from Sleeping Beauty and fight through them. Or will she get tangled in them and he will fight to get to her?
Michael 29th Sep 6:45 AM, 2017
She has to fight her way through the roses and kiss the sleeping Beau-st to wake him up.
ArtsieSteph 29th Sep 10:24 AM, 2017
Something about the eyes worry me. They're sad, but very intense. Like when you are dealing with issues inwardly, sorta stuck in your own mind, but all others can see from the outside is a very concentrated blank stare.
Carol 30th Sep 2:11 AM, 2017
Despair not, O Beast! Beauty comes to - she comes - she... she comes?

BEAUTY, get over here NOW!
Ebs 1st Oct 7:36 AM, 2017
I... thought these were flash backs to when he first became magic's ambassador. The sequence starts with his human self bleeding out all over the sacred fountain site. I mean his heart was already gone so isn't this a confirmation of his former (current?) depravity? I honestly thought that the magic couldn't truely take away that which made him human so it tricked him and made him think that he was nothing more than a beast. But that is only what he himself has perceived. He looks like he has essentially chained himself. I get that there are magical consequences and intelligences at work but....I feel like he has more to do with that role he is playing and has been hiding and excusing himself from responsibility for so long........oooorr I'm getting waaaay too deep with this.
Ps Madam Author Mrs. K , love the story. (Also can't remember how to spell your first name. Very sorry)
Narnia4Aslan 1st Oct 11:14 AM, 2017
I am of the same thought as Ebs (as opposed to Alexandra and ch1ch4do0dl3 [awesome name by the way!].) I think all these past few pages since Beast's aka Argus' attempted suicide are flashbacks, providing a clear window into the Beast's past which explains who is he and why he is the way he is. I personally think this is all leading up to Beauty's Swan Mom coming to the Beast with her request/deal. And now he is finally ready for a rescue attempt. (I would have put this under ch1ch4do0dl3's comment but for some reason the website wouldn't let me)
ch1ck4do0dl3 2nd Oct 12:11 AM, 2017
Aw man, now I feel like I'm back in English class arguing interpretations, hahaha!

I can see that, though. For me, the last few pages are the past bleeding (went back and re-read this and winced, but I'm leaving it) into the present, but hey, what do I know. I'm just checking every day and crying a little inside when there isn't a new page. ^^;
Narnia4Aslan 4th Oct 9:15 AM, 2017
Hahaha! Gota' love English class! Fair enough, and I can understand your "interpretation" as well. Perhaps it'll be clarified as the story goes on or is just one of those things inviting different interpretations. ;) I think it's a testament to Ms. Megan's storytelling skills that we can debate over a scene like this.

I DO agree with you about checking every day and crying a little when there isn't a new page. I'm with you there!
Siva 1st Oct 3:09 PM, 2017
Just like every night has its dawn.
Siva 1st Oct 3:10 PM, 2017
Title of last comment was the preceding line of song lyrics.

Hmm, so titles don't show, at least for me? Okay.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 4:50 PM, 2018
Yep, see, "wounds untreated fester"--this is what I was talking about. Ignoring the problem doesn't fix it. However, the Beast could have easily continued on his path and become even colder and more heartless. It is very easy for someone who has been abused to become abusive themself. But here we have the Beast's compassionate side returning, showing us that he is moved by the pain of others and wants to help. In doing so, he shows us that he will never be like his mother and that he's better than he thinks he is. Now if only he realizes that as well....