Act Three, Chapter Three: 24

2nd Oct 10:59 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 24
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Oct 10:59 PM, 2017
You know, you would think this entry hall would get LESS ominous with time....

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Guest 2nd Oct 11:33 PM, 2017
Squee! "Unwelcome" by the evil castle, indeed. It totally knows it's you to save the day, Beauty. Run girl, run. Use that intuition!
Mar-ee 3rd Oct 1:16 AM, 2017
Knowing this castle it’s probably a little of both. I just pray beast is oka
Cat 3rd Oct 6:17 AM, 2017
"The doors won't open", she manages to open the door with abundant room to pass through at first.
Guest 3rd Oct 6:33 AM, 2017
They *used* to be automatic.
The Doodler 3rd Oct 7:16 AM, 2017
The Doodler
And then it slams without warning -- I almost wonder if it was trying to shut ON her, yike.
Daisy 3rd Oct 10:00 AM, 2017
Ah, the room looks like a cage. I love it!
Carol 3rd Oct 11:39 PM, 2017
Oh my word, it looks like she's just walked into a giant birdcage, what with the curved shadows and all. Can't help but notice the birds didn't follow her in - maybe that's why?

Also, yes, Beauty. I think you're very unwelcome. The Beast isn't there to moderate for you anymore. I need to go back and read the terms of the last agreement, but isn't she kind of unprotected at this point?
Carton Sara 4th Oct 1:05 PM, 2017
This is not going to be comforting to the reader faction that believes Beast will no longer remember Beauty once she reaches him.
Pat R 5th Oct 5:00 PM, 2017
Oh Beauty, the castle NEVER welcomed you. It merely tolerated your presence in its preferred state of affairs. Ironically, it could be said that you're a 'thorn' in its side.

Considering all that has happened, it's safe to say that the magic is going to make sure it ends up the 'winner' of the agreement, as it seems to have been an "If-Then-Else" clause, and surely it will want to make sure the "else" part happens.
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 4:54 PM, 2018
And back to Beauty. The castle doesn't seem to want her there--I'm surprised the doors even opened up at her pushing, considering--but them slamming behind her definitely indicates disapproval. The spirit behind it doesn't seem to like her meddling (and why would it, since she is probably going to take away its toy?). Now she has to find her Beast, though she won't find him in the castle. On to the creepy maze, Beauty!