Act Three, Chapter Three: 28

16th Oct 11:03 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Three
Act Three, Chapter Three: 28
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Mar-ee 16th Oct 11:35 PM, 2017
*LE GASP* I know that look reveal/or flashback time :o!
the selkie wife 17th Oct 4:42 AM, 2017
textual analysis time!!!

so panel 1 has more of the servants talking about beauty while she's insensible with fever during the prologue, plus some ominous *whisper whisper*s which seem to be louder, judging by the weighting.

panel 2 has beauty's childhood bullies' words coming back to her, as well as virtue and temperance not letting her tell papa. and the 'don't upset your sisters' line . . . has that been said before, or is that a new one? i don't remember papa ever saying that to beauty, but i am overdue a reread on this, so *shrug emoji*

panel 3 . . . is definitely not about beauty at all. my first instinct was argus, but the flashbacks from the last few pages seem to indicate that he said something he shouldn't have, and the fountain took him at his word -- ergo, he didn't have to 'think what [he's] giving up' because he didn't really have a choice. Monster of the Year doesn't seem to apply either, and she never had anything redeeming to give up in the first place. so i guess that leaves Elise, but what exactly she's giving up, and what is unnatural about it, i don't think have been properly explored yet. nobody chez beauty has said what they do or don't know about beauty's recovery and elise's disappearance, but i seriously doubt it's virtue or temperance speaking in the last panel. papa was away on a trip during the prologue, so HE obviously couldn't argue with elise. and argus is just the mediator; it's not up to him to judge whether something is natural or not, given that he has horns and a tail.

so is this referring to when elise shed her swan form and decided to live with papa as a human, before the girls were born? or something else? i have a feeling we're going to find out soon!
Caro 17th Oct 8:42 AM, 2017
A similar line about giving things up was dropped in the conversation with Beauty's family though! ;) When Virtue learned about her baby sister's feeling for the Beast.
Sybilla J 17th Oct 10:59 AM, 2017
Was going to say the same thing about the comments from Beauty's family. But it could also be a parallel to Swan Mama! (this whole story's been a parallel to that)

Also I don't remember "don't upset your sisters," either, but I had wondered if maybe that was the voice in Beauty's own head?
Sybilla J 17th Oct 4:44 PM, 2017
coming back to this later and I just realized "Don't upset your sisters" is the only one on this page with out the "..." before and after. I still think this voice is coming from inside of her as opposed to outside. But I gotta go back and check previous chapters to be sure...
Guest 17th Oct 6:54 AM, 2017
Oh man, I love what is going on. I can't wait for her to figure things out regarding her mother, and I can't wait for her to see Argus in human form.
Meaghan 17th Oct 9:07 AM, 2017
Sarah 17th Oct 9:28 AM, 2017
What she's staring at now?
ArtsieSteph 17th Oct 1:16 PM, 2017
Crazy theory. Argus' mother was "ugly as a pig" and used whomever the previous person was to make her beautiful. Maybe her heart was deadened by it. Like "you'll be beautiful and have the kings heart for a time but you will never love another human being" etc. Maybe even she was gonna be sucked into the castle to become its "magic" personality and she was like "yeahwhatever."
AshErika 18th Oct 1:53 PM, 2017
wow, evil castle. you're really turning up the emotional heat, aren't you? using every doubt and negative thing the poor girl has ever heard to trap and/or her deny access. you're just seriously determined to keep poor Argus in your creepy, thorny stasis. so, yeah... flamethrowers all around!
AshErika 18th Oct 2:03 PM, 2017
point of clarification, btw. I'm thinking Beauty may not have been totally out during her illness in the prologue. her eyes were closed, but she seemed to be breathing pretty hard, which says to me that she was at least partially conscious. I think the nurses' words stayed buried in her subconscious because she was too young and sick to understand what was going on. and now, everything is starting to come out...
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 5:09 PM, 2018
So the spirit of the castle really seems to be trying to scare her out of her current course of action. The first panel could be interpreted as, "Your mom isn't here to save you now" if something goes wrong, the second panel seems to be trying to stoke her self-doubt and her guilt over what her choice might do to her family (even though they were supportive of it), while the third is trying to make her question if being with the Beast is really the future she wants. And I anticipate Beauty telling the whispers to shut up, because she has already made up her mind and is FILLED WITH DETERMINATION.