Act Three, Chapter Four: 01

22nd Nov 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 01
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Nov 11:00 PM, 2017
Chapter four already!


Brunny 23rd Nov 1:59 AM, 2017
This is turning less and less symbolic and darker and darker, faster and faster, and why is english a language so redundant in grammar and why are english people making up names of flowers and plants?
the selkie wife 23rd Nov 3:02 AM, 2017
noooooooo argus noooooooo

love-lies-bleeding is a suitably ominous name -- is there a different name for it?

i'll wait for catservant and others to comment on the meaning of different flowers before joining in
Jessie Blue 23rd Nov 4:05 AM, 2017
Jessie Blue
Love-Lies-Bleeding is also known as Amaranth and is edible, but the Victorian meaning behind it is hopeless love.
AshErika 23rd Nov 4:20 AM, 2017
so... after a rather hectic month or so, here I am catching up.


*runs in circles* pleasebeokArguspleasebeokArguspleasebeokArguspleasebeokArgus
britvulcan 23rd Nov 10:47 AM, 2017
So, it seems that poplar leaves were worn by Heracles leading Cerberus out of Hades...

That doesn't seem applicable at all! (massive sarcasm)
LadyCorvidae 24th Nov 7:16 AM, 2017
The meaning of the flowers is... well... grim. Very grim.
Hemp: Fate
Love-Lies-Bleeding: Hopeless, not heartless
Black Poplar: Courage

So... there's a spark of hope after all, I guess!
CeciliaOceanSkies 24th Nov 11:46 AM, 2017
So, what I found was this:

Love-lies-bleeding -- hopelessness/ hopeless love (hopelessly *in* love?)
Hemp -- fate
Black Poplar -- courage

I'm sure their love does *seem* hopeless, and Beauty is having to build a lot of courage to seek it out regardless of the situation seeming so hopeless. Beast had to make a choice that could cost him his life to save her, and it was his last option - another show of courage in a hopeless situation. I'm sure things are going to get worse before they get better - beauty is going to find him on his death bed, after all. I'm also fairly certain that the fountain and Beauty's mother have a hand in pushing the fate that is to come for them. This story always has a lot of tragedy before the happy ending.
Anon 25th Nov 8:04 PM, 2017
What type of plant is black poplar? Cause I keep getting a cotton plant. And it doesn't look like the cover.
Hydrargyrum 26th Nov 10:42 PM, 2017
Black poplar typically refers to Populus nigra, a tree. Most Populus species are anemophilous and therefore have seed which looks cottony. However, Cannabis sativa (hemp) is on the left in the cover and the carpelate catkins and leaves on the right are more consistent with Amaranthus caudatus (love lies bleeding). Populus nigra leaves are more rhomboid and the catkins have a somewhat different shape. That would imply black poplar would be the species in the middle, which is definitely not Populus nigra as the flowers are radically different and the veination doesn't match. Perhaps Megan will let us know.
Jessie Blue 24th Nov 8:49 PM, 2017
Jessie Blue
I'm sort of encouraged that none of them are poisonous this time
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 6:09 PM, 2018
WELL ALL THAT BLOOD ON THE PAGE IS OMINOUS! Love lies bleeding indeed. The meanings of the flowers seems to indicate that we're entering the nadir stage of the story. There will be hope at the end, but we're going to have to fight to get to it.