Act Three, Chapter Four: 02

27th Nov 11:00 PM, 2017 in Act Three: Chapter Four
Act Three, Chapter Four: 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Nov 11:00 PM, 2017
HEDGING your bets, Beauty?
Eh? Eh?


Mar-ee 27th Nov 11:12 PM, 2017
Run Beauty! *Crossing fingers* I have an idea whats gonna happen but still I enjoy surprises
ch1ck4do0dl3 28th Nov 12:08 AM, 2017
Yes! Go! Find him and bring him back!
Awlwren 28th Nov 12:15 AM, 2017
I really love everything you do with the black and white format; there are many times I think I enjoy it better this way than if it were colored. This comment brought to you by the first panel, and the flash of her foot as she runs into the darkness. She literally is the light. It's awesome.
Guest 28th Nov 10:19 AM, 2017
The only way to defeat the darkness is to become the light.
the selkie wife 28th Nov 2:28 AM, 2017
run, Beauty, run!! please be right!! please find him!!
Guest 28th Nov 6:52 AM, 2017
Fight for him Beauty! Don't let the hedge win.
Michael 28th Nov 9:03 AM, 2017
I am afraid she will run into a beast that has forgotten everything and attacks her. Maybe remembers in the last moment before it is too late, eh?
Stitchingbelle 28th Nov 12:49 PM, 2017
I love the energy of this page!

...she says, to distract herself from her utter terror.
Guest 28th Nov 3:12 PM, 2017
Beauty's shoes have been coloured as black (with white soles) right until page 610 (Act 3, Chapter 3, p. 34), at which point the surface of her shoes are white. This continues on this page.

Is this significant, or some sort of colouring error?
The Queen 28th Nov 6:34 PM, 2017
I believe it's just the way the contrast has to work for the visual. Black shoes running into darkness are a bit hard to see, so they're colored white so they are visible. :) That's the reason for the shoes in panel 1 I think, and one of the shoes in panel 3, and the last white shoes in panel 3 is for consistency.
metaceryn 28th Nov 3:34 PM, 2017
Fluffy 28th Nov 9:15 PM, 2017
Wow that maze is bad news. I also keep remembering the vision Beast was shown in Act 2, Chapter 7: Page 6... Maybe just a threat made by whatever is in charge of the castle or possible foreshadowing?
Just be careful, Beauty. That maze has thorns!!
Pat R 30th Nov 7:35 PM, 2017
Considering it seems the power that exists seems to be willing to go to any length to make sure it benefits from the deal, it's quite possible. Then again, there are repercussions for breaking contracts...
AshErika 30th Nov 2:18 AM, 2017
such nerves...

I really hope that the spirit inhabiting that place finally decided to stop being a jerk after Beauty tore into it a few pages back and is now helping her get to Argus...

then again, it could just be playing a cruel trick on them both...

this is actually making me walk laps in my house in the middle of the night o_O
AbigailBrooks 24th Dec 6:12 PM, 2018
Let's be real, Beauty, YOU LOOKED EVERYWHERE ELSE. He's going to be there unless the castle buried him already. And ouch, I know she has a path to run through, but I'm still imagining her getting scratched up like mad by the thorns. As someone who fights with raspberries bushes every year, I'm wincing.