Act one, Chapter Three: 08

31st Dec 11:00 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st Dec 11:00 PM, 2012
Looks like someone is dealing with captivity maturely.

Oh, and happy new year everyone!


lasjflsjdf 31st Dec 11:29 PM, 2012
Love love LOVE her expression at the end. So funny. Though her beginning comment made me sad. Probably what the Beast was thinking as well.
The Doodler 31st Dec 11:56 PM, 2012
The Doodler
This is a little irrelevant to the story, but that is one sharp dress. Plus, it seems in-character.
MsMegan 1st Jan 12:05 AM, 2013
Why, thank you! What makes it seem in-character?
The Doodler 1st Jan 1:20 AM, 2013
The Doodler
It's fairly simple and practical. She does have to work at home, after all. So she'd likely chose something she'd be used to and feel comfortable in. Plus, she seems like a straightforward, no-frills kind of person, even though she seems to appreciate beauty. (Ha, stealth puns.)
cattservant 1st Jan 12:12 AM, 2013
Beastly Beauty
Beautiful Beast
Who gains the most
Who asks the least
Slow approachment
Do as they must
Flowering intent
Delicate trust
Abby Brooks 1st Jan 12:50 AM, 2013
This is all so lovely! The prologue is incredibly haunting and unique (I've never quite seen anything like it in a BATB retelling - I can't wait to learn more about it!), and the first few chapters are a nice set-up to the story.

It's interesting to see the gifts were asked for in jest (making the sisters much more sympathetic) and that one of the sisters is married and pregnant. Again, I've never seen that before in a BATB retelling. The castle is also rather amusing, responding to everything its residents want. Are there other people/servants there, I wonder, or is it just Beauty and the Beast? I guess we'll see.

All in all, excellent start! I'm looking forward to your next update.

Kim M 4th Jan 2:05 PM, 2013
Flowers/plants on the table? Hmmmm...? :D

Also, I find I'm rather curious about what they're eating. Maybe that's because I'm a little peckish myself at the moment, but I wonder how the Beast's fare compares to that which Beauty ate in her cottage. (Or during their more affluent days.)
RosesnWater 11th Feb 3:11 AM, 2013
I very much like this beauty, I had an idea similar to the way she would react for my own story, her facial expression is just hilarious and the beast's hesitance is understandable, I wouldn't be touching her with a ten foot poll if she had that face on
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 10:30 PM, 2013
Oh look, I caught up to my original comments. I'm just going to keep on with my running commentary and ignore them, though. Not sure how much more I will do with this tonight - once my RP partner arrives, my evening will have been hijacked - but let's see how many more comments I can manage before then.

So...this one. Beauty, I think you are too practical to get the point of such grandeur. Sometimes it's merely to show off. Anyway, I think you would do well to drink a little wine during this dinner. I'm not sure you're going to like what you hear, after all.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:06 AM, 2013
I can't help but think how comical Beast must be here. I imagine him eyeing the nearest exit.