Act one, Chapter Three: 09

3rd Jan 11:49 PM, 2013 in Act One: Chapter Three
Act one, Chapter Three: 09
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Jan 11:49 PM, 2013


AbigailBrooks 3rd Jan 11:55 PM, 2013
Whoops indeed. I look forward to finding out his answer.

Silly Beauty. You two are probably dealing with a fae of some sort! Who are usually not very nice. The Beast is downright generous in comparison. But we'll see what happens and if that theory is correct.

Edit: The above was partially in jest. I can totally see where she's coming from. I still feel bad for the Beast, though. Probably because having the eyes shielded usually indicates someone is upset in anime/manga/comics.
MsMegan 4th Jan 10:42 AM, 2013
And by all means, theorize away! *grin*
cattservant 3rd Jan 11:57 PM, 2013
They are getting attached enough
To bang on the boundaries a bit.
It is visually striking how the chairs define the stage and concentrate the action.
MsMegan 4th Jan 10:41 AM, 2013
You have no idea how much trouble it's giving me to being a sense of action to a series of scene sin which two people sit at opposite ends of a table and talk to one another! I think I've used more shots-of-mildly-expressive-hands in these first 60 pages than you'll find in the entirely of some other series. I'm starting to see why so many comics are made up of snarky fight scenes!
MsMegan 4th Jan 10:44 AM, 2013
And, to be fair, I'd say she's running on a shorter-than-usual fuse... Channeling her sister a bit!
MissMellys-Comics 4th Jan 12:51 AM, 2013
If I were in her shoes, of course I would blurt that out; anger can get us really bad to the point we'll say something that we'll regret. Still, I'm eager to know what he'll say on that!
Kim M 4th Jan 1:53 PM, 2013
I do love those shots of the hands. :)

After having spent the entire day alone and silent, I don't blame Beauty for losing it a little. And while Beast's hinted that there's more going on than what appears on the surface ("My options were limited," "I did what I thought was kindest"), he's also told her that she might be right to believe he's a monster. Considering the terms of her father's agreement---and that she's coping with discomfort, loneliness, and homesickness---I can see how she might dismiss any implications of Beast's general decency and weigh in on the "Beast, you're a douchebag" end of the spectrum.

But I also love the suggestion that she feels able to say such dangerous things to him. She's frazzled and frustrated and she's brave, but she possesses survival instincts and intelligence, too. So mightn't she feel just a little bit safe? Even if she doesn't particularly like the Beast?
RosesnWater 11th Feb 3:13 AM, 2013
Beauty, oh, that might have been a bit quick, but it's better than keeping her feeling's bottled up,
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 10:35 PM, 2013
Oh hey, look, I CAN post comments twice! Yay! So yeah, sorry Beast, but this will be awkward. She's a little upset with you, since she blames you for everything that has happened thus far (me, I blame the fae, but Beauty doesn't even know about that, so I can see where she's coming from). And as an answer to your question Beauty...well, he didn't eat your father, he hasn't eaten you, he has no intention of harming or killing you, and as of right now, I don't think he's going to try seducing you or forcing you to marry him. I wouldn't say he's heartless, since he does seem to sincerely regret what's happened, but...again, I get where you're coming from, Beauty.
sheshallnotbenameless 25th Aug 12:08 AM, 2013
Despite how sweet this Beast looks, he looks intimidating in that last panel. I imagine her comment hurt him, but perhaps it also irked him as well.
Hannah 26th Feb 6:53 PM, 2016
I love this page so much more now that I've caught up!
My English teachers are always saying that a sign of a great writer is that events later in a plot make the reader appreciate those that came before it even more (kind of like why some people love the first Harry Potter book after reading all of them) but yeah this is great
Guest 8th Apr 11:53 AM, 2019
Rereading and let me just say: OOF