Act Three, Chapter Five: 03

6th Apr 8:01 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 03
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MK_Wizard 6th Apr 8:10 AM, 2018
Uh, the picture is too big.
Sybilla J 6th Apr 8:39 AM, 2018
omg Beauty sprouted wings AND grew into a giant. Must be something in the water.

but yeah, the page is like twice the size, had to zoom out by 50% :/
KatieKat 6th Apr 8:53 AM, 2018
Huge comic is huge! And also portentous!
MaybeHelpful 6th Apr 9:02 AM, 2018
If you right-click on the picture, and select "open image in new tab" you might obtain something easier to see. At least if you use the Chrome browser.
The Accidental Ninja 6th Apr 11:22 AM, 2018
The Accidental Ninja
Oh, it's fixed now. Yay!
I like the composition of this page :D
RosesnWater 6th Apr 11:37 AM, 2018
Looks fine on Safari! she looks absolutely gorgeous though... and confused...
Guest 6th Apr 3:54 PM, 2018
I am so excited. It is happeninggggg
AshErika 6th Apr 4:14 PM, 2018
she's like "uh... what's the deal here? how did I end up wearing this?"
Jessie Blue 6th Apr 6:44 PM, 2018
Jessie Blue
That was my thought too, she was too busy going "Auugh we're falling!" to notice her own magical transformation sequence. My inner Deadpool is going "wait, isn't he supposed to be the one who transforms?"
Michael 6th Apr 8:26 PM, 2018
one of my options i mentioned before.
Princess kisses frog and pop! two frogs.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 6th Apr 5:53 PM, 2018
Is that it? That can't be it; where's the rest?

*Sees the date*

...Darn it, why is this where I caught up!?
;) 7th Apr 12:40 AM, 2018
Hey guys, go look at the comic from 16 February 2013!
(Comicfury isn't letting me code hyperlinks in this comment for some reason...)
NanamiG 8th Apr 8:42 PM, 2018
She wearing the same dress as in the poster! Ooh this should be good :)
Louise 7th Apr 9:14 AM, 2018
This looks like a really funny 80s photo with the closeup in the background and the full body shot in the lower one else? ok
Sarah 7th Apr 9:39 AM, 2018
I bet I know what she's really saying. She's gonna say "What's the heck is going on here?"
Daniel J. Drazen 8th Apr 7:35 AM, 2018
The Young Entity 10th Apr 4:42 AM, 2018
I love Beauty's expression in the last panel. She's like, 'Uuhh, wings? What's going on...? This is weird...'
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:09 PM, 2018
I'd be confused too, Beauty. You're in a shadowy nowhere land with an outfit from one of your dreams. I'd be keen to see if you can fly with those wings, though. If magic has brought out your true identity as half-swan maiden, maybe it will let you get through this place quickly to find the Beast.