Act Three, Chapter Five: 04

9th Apr 10:31 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 04
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Apr 10:31 PM, 2018
oh right him


Guest 9th Apr 10:45 PM, 2018
Guest 9th Apr 10:46 PM, 2018
Friday is too far away ???
ch1ck4do0dl3 9th Apr 11:37 PM, 2018
I dare not hope... But I'm hoping anyway!
Sophi(e)a 9th Apr 11:51 PM, 2018
I just gasped and startled the cat.
The Young Entity 10th Apr 4:46 AM, 2018
lol :-)

I do that sort of thing all the time and my cat's expressions are always so hilarious! ;-)
Mar-ee 9th Apr 11:59 PM, 2018
Now whoooo could that be?
Guest 10th Apr 1:22 AM, 2018
Thinking it's either her mom or Argus. Friday, why you so far away?
Caro 10th Apr 1:36 AM, 2018
the selkie wife 10th Apr 3:47 AM, 2018
i'm calling it right now, it's gonna be Swan Mum (Mom?), not Argus.

the wait to Friday is killing meee oh so slowly, and i just CANNOT wait
The Young Entity 10th Apr 4:48 AM, 2018
A feasible guess, but notice that our beloved author said 'oh right him', so I'm assuming whoever it is (preferably Argus) is male.
Dragonlady 10th Apr 8:09 AM, 2018
I think MsMegan was referring to Beauty's suddenly remembering why she's down here rather than who's behind her.

I want it to be Mom or Argus but I'm thinking this may be the final Boss battle, eep! Friday can't come soon enough!!
The Young Entity 13th Apr 1:00 AM, 2018
Ah yes. I see. Thank you for clarifying :-)
The Young Entity 10th Apr 4:45 AM, 2018
I'm guessing that the person calling Beauty's name is either her mother, or the beast, possibly in human form at last-?
So thrilling!
Guest 10th Apr 7:17 AM, 2018
I'm excited and scared.
AshErika 10th Apr 8:43 AM, 2018
*squeaky voice* I'm so nervous!
YK 10th Apr 9:22 AM, 2018
Hopefully it is her mother. I NEED that aspect of the plot to be resolved!
Guest 10th Apr 5:25 PM, 2018
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:12 PM, 2018
No way is that the Beast calling for her (or if it is, it's not the real Beast). I'm betting that's her mom, because the mystery of her disappearance still needs to be revealed to Beauty and the rest of her family. Plus, Beauty and her mom need to have a genuine, not nightmarish heart-to-heart (some of Beauty's dreams about her mom have been pretty scary, namely that ship one).