Act Three, Chapter Five: 05

13th Apr 12:00 AM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Apr 12:00 AM, 2018
That seems normal I'm not worried about it


SteadyReader 13th Apr 12:04 AM, 2018
I think we're about to see some bare-faced man emergence. xD I adore the liquid visual!!
ch1ck4do0dl3 13th Apr 12:06 AM, 2018
I mean, depending on what he went through to get into his current state in the first place, this may in fact be less concerning than other things he's been through...?
Mar-ee 13th Apr 12:47 AM, 2018
This is both strange, a little scary and cool at the same time. I mean I guess the word is effects wise, ohhh strange magic is about to happen/or technically is happening
The Young Entity 13th Apr 1:02 AM, 2018
OMG, did his clothes just melt off of him? Freaky!

At first glance, I thought that was blood. Are melting clothes much less disturbing, though?
the selkie wife 13th Apr 2:25 AM, 2018
oh crap, that doesn't look handy. then again, it's not like beauty's never seen him naked before.

i can, however, see things getting awkward if he transforms while still naked -- and i'm STILL not convinced he's near beauty, given how the previous chapter ended, how the person behind beauty was standing up, and how beauty is nowhere to be seen here
Maria 14th Apr 2:39 PM, 2018
I don't think he's near Beauty, either. Plus this page has those 3 little panels at the top- indicating that someone is seeing the light from above, perhaps? Similar panels were on page 2 of this chapter, with Beauty. So I think that's a good indication that we're seeing a different location.
Guest 13th Apr 5:34 AM, 2018
I have no idea what is happening... but I'm enjoying it.
Paula Richey 13th Apr 5:53 AM, 2018
Looks like his magic account has been downgraded and he can no longer access the "Magic Clothing" function.
The Young Entity 13th Apr 6:02 PM, 2018
lol yes :-)
AshErika 13th Apr 6:01 AM, 2018
eh... she's not seeing Argus... is she?
MK_Wizard 13th Apr 7:19 AM, 2018
I want to believe he is becoming human but his last comment “what have you done” worries me. And even if he winds up ok, will Beauty? Is she cursed now?
Stitchlingbelle 13th Apr 10:42 AM, 2018
"Woooo, naked Beast!" was probably not supposed to be my reaction, was it?
metaceryn 13th Apr 12:10 PM, 2018
Hallan 16th Apr 8:08 AM, 2018
Congratulations. You just made me snort my breakfast out my nose. Ow.
metaceryn 13th Apr 1:07 PM, 2018
To be fair, my second thought was “man this would be really awful if that was burning synthetic fabric and not just magic plupy fabric.”
MsMegan 13th Apr 12:07 PM, 2018
metaceryn 13th Apr 4:19 PM, 2018
Apropos of nothing, it looks similar in viscosity to maple syrup or corn syrup. Would that be accurate?
Michael 13th Apr 8:12 PM, 2018
I feel a slight breeze, too.
Archie@ QuidditchWorldCup 14th Apr 2:35 PM, 2018
I like a healthy BREEZE around my privates, thanks
a Drop of Beauty 13th Apr 2:09 PM, 2018
a Drop of Beauty
Sybilla J 13th Apr 2:09 PM, 2018
Can I just say I am LOVING that I have no idea what's really going on (though I have my theories) and what's about to happen next. Like, I know I should be worried, probably, about our heroes, and yet I am eating up every page. This is top-notch storytelling, Ms Megan. From one die hard BATB fan to another, thank you for this fresh take on the tale as old as time. I never get tired of hearing it but it's still nice to actually be surprised by new twists and turns!
Brunny 13th Apr 2:16 PM, 2018
I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW THAT WE COULDN'T SEE HIM IN HUMAN FORM RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!! I even told my bf... I was speculating that the next panel would be her or his mother, but this is even more unexpected and incomprehensible... waiting more, lost cost phallacy i'm not afraid of you, come to me!
Fluffy 13th Apr 4:36 PM, 2018
I feel like taking away the Beast's clothes is the castle or magic entity's way to demean him since standing on two feet, dressing in clothes, and his hobbies have been the Beast's way of staying somewhat human.
The Young Entity 13th Apr 6:07 PM, 2018
Good thought!
the selkie wife 14th Apr 3:27 AM, 2018
i was worried before, now i'm just sad :(
Michael 13th Apr 8:14 PM, 2018
There goes the rest of the dignity.
Allison 13th Apr 9:05 PM, 2018
Well at least neither of them were horribly injured in that fall into a random bottomless pit under the castle gardens.
That's something, I suppose.
(omg is it Tuesday yet????)
The Young Entity 14th Apr 7:41 PM, 2018
yep :-)
The Young Entity 14th Apr 8:47 PM, 2018
And nope ;-)
Hallan 16th Apr 8:10 AM, 2018
Impressive effect, Megan!
Lostariel 16th Apr 7:54 PM, 2018
I feel bad that I'm excited to see him without the cloak, because obviously that's... bad. But I sure am excited.
The Young Entity 23rd Apr 1:04 PM, 2018
I feel the same, lol :-)
AbigailBrooks 25th Dec 5:15 PM, 2018
Okay, the Beast is in a not-as-nice part of the abyss, and now his clothes are running off of him like oil or blood. That can't be good, given that his clothes are one of his attempts at reclaiming his humanity.