Act Three, Chapter Five: 30

9th Jul 11:29 PM, 2018 in Act Three: Chapter Five
Act Three, Chapter Five: 30
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Jul 11:29 PM, 2018
Hey gang! I'll be at SDCC next week, though not tabling. If you're after BATB books, or any of my other titles, drop me a line and I can arrange something.


Mar-ee 9th Jul 11:41 PM, 2018
This is an interesting talk but I can sense a conclusion coming soon 8). Despite his other self's badgering.
Helena 10th Jul 4:46 AM, 2018
Ohh, Meanie Argus is getting angry... I guess that something is going to happen soon.
Helena 10th Jul 4:46 AM, 2018
Ohh, Meanie Argus is getting angry... I guess that something is going to happen soon.
Guest 10th Jul 5:46 AM, 2018
Ahaha. This is not going as he planned. I believe there will be a snapping moment.
The Doodler 10th Jul 9:05 AM, 2018
The Doodler
I may be a little slow here, but I'm starting to think maybe this isn't just as simple as his good and bad sides.
Sybilla J 10th Jul 10:17 AM, 2018
Agreed. I sensed that earlier actually but now I think I can put it into words. Human!Argus is definitely not evil!Argus. It's just his human nature (which we now understand to be "beastly"). Argus rid himself of his human nature, becoming ironically a physical beast instead- but a tamed one, a servant. In doing so he rid himself of everything that made him human in more than just the physical sense. He lost his autonomy along with his humanity. And now, I'm guessing (HOPING) that he finally decided he wants it back, along with the rest of his original self, flaws included.
(in other words: the transformation has begun! Metaphorically at least. And soon, maybe literally?)
Quietly Anonymous 11th Jul 12:07 AM, 2018
This is about Actual Argus and Part of Argus' Brain That Is Deeply Ill And Wants Him Dead.

That's definitely not about good and evil. That's just... kind of what some of us live with--and some of us find we can't. It's not evil. It's just lots and lots of pain (including in the form of self-loathing). I'm kind of trying to put this in a way that isn't frightening or lashing out at folks who don't get this, but like... yeah. No. It's not about evil. Sometimes the brain lies to itself, and its lies are nasty and insidious and want to destroy it and one reason I love this comic so much is how well Argus expresses this thing so many of us live with.
The Doodler 11th Jul 9:14 AM, 2018
The Doodler
I could very well be wrong (and if so we'll find out tomorrow and you'll get to point and laugh) but while it's clearly not good and evil, I also don't think it's good and bad (as opposed to evil). I don't thiiink human Argus is the Beast's myriad and understandable mental problems, I think he's the most human/sapient part of himself, and therefore the part that suffers most from those problems.

Argus found out the hard way that being human really sucks sometimes (see above re: all the mess his brain is in) and so he was hoping having a more animal form would lessen his pain but (spoiler) it totally failed to, because he didn't or couldn't jettison his sapience and free will along with his human body.

So I'm pretty sure human!Argus is just that, his humanity, as screwed up and painful as it is, and he might as well accept that being human, while it can be really horrible, isn't the actual PROBLEM.

We'll find out if I'm totally off.
Quietly Anonymous 13th Jul 12:22 AM, 2018
I suspect we are getting firmly into analytical territory, no matter what next update has for us, but...

Look, Beast's conversation is pretty familiar to me. I both enthusiastically and cautiously recommend this webcomic to friends of mine who have been through what I have because either it'll be really cathartic to see the kinds of conversations I know have gone on in my head and probably theirs too, or it'll be really triggering.

Like, also, beast!Argus has shown nothing but kindness and compassion and generosity and if you want to argue that isn't a deeply human part of him--especially as it results in pain from empathy he feels--then I will have to sit here respectfully disagreeing basically in eternity. As thoroughly depressed as reality makes me these days, I can't let go of dislike for the idea that the nature of humanity is suffering or cruelty and not also capacity for gentleness and empathy, and Beast has always shown that in full and to spare.
The Doodler 13th Jul 6:46 AM, 2018
The Doodler
Fair point, and I also didn't express myself very well. Maybe I should say that while both sides here are his real nature/sapient, human!Argus seems to be a part of him that's suffering and needs help, rather than the disease itself.
Sybilla J 13th Jul 12:39 PM, 2018
I have to say, I agree with both of you? That Argus is dealing with illness/inner demons is obvious. Although Beast!Argus is quite literally talking to his human self, based on what we can physically see, it's definitely a metaphor. Except from Argus' perspective, he probably believes he's actually talking with the human being he used to be, whom he hates(hated?). But his perspective is clearly changing (going in a healthier direction, I'd say!)

And QA is right in that Beast!Argus has aspects of (good parts of) humanity to him that this human!Argus (or his inner demons, or whatever he's talking to) appears to lack. So in regards to the conversation that is happening on these past few pages, I think perhaps QA is spot on (although Doodler's latest statement there could be true as well). But as for what Argus actually gave up when he transformed/lost his heart (vs. what he just *thinks* he gave up), who knows? I still stand by the fact that he gave up at least *part* of his humanity (as well as autonomy). So he may not have a heart but he definitely has a soul. Either way, he's been fighting these thoughts long before he transformed and it's still haunting him- but it looks like he's making a breakthrough, so yay! (I believe in you, Argus!)
ch1ck4do0dl3 10th Jul 11:06 AM, 2018
I can just imagine Beast!Argus' response: "Yeah, and I found out that was a really bad idea, dude. We just went over this. Get with the program."
Reading Wolf 10th Jul 3:03 PM, 2018
I think Human!Argus already knows all that. He's just... in disbelief?
"You have done everything you can to get rid of me, and NOW YOU DECIDE NOT TO?! REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?"
ch1ck4do0dl3 10th Jul 9:35 PM, 2018
Oh, totally. He's trying every trick he has to get Beast!Argus to wallow in perpetual misery. He just doesn't have very many tricks, so he's resorting to just repeating them louder.
Miss Elcia 10th Jul 1:19 PM, 2018
I find it an interesting bit of visual detailing that on this page it is human Argus' eye teeth we see so clearly not Beast Argus'.
Who is more vicious man or beast?
Stitchlingbelle 11th Jul 12:12 AM, 2018
AHHHH you're coming to SDCC? I live here in SD but no luck with tickets. If you need any restaurant recs or anything, I'd be happy to help!
njanay21 12th Jul 11:35 AM, 2018
Oooooooooohhhhhh he ain't gonna fall it this time!! He's running out of ideas XD lol!
AbigailBrooks 28th Dec 2:22 PM, 2018
Ugh, I'm on the bus right now (going to visit my mom), and Comicfury just ate my comment for this page. How annoying.

Anyway, this conversation looks like it's winding down. The Beast has realized that yielding responsibility of his life to someone or something else (the castle, in this case, though this could also apply to Beauty) hasn't helped him. He has to take control of his own life to make it better, and that includes accepting the part of himself that he doesn't love. "You've done everything in your power to erase me at every turn" his human self says. But not anymore, I'm sensing.
eekee 27th Mar 5:37 AM, 2019
I'm re-reading this segment because it's just what I need right now. And the next, when they finally meet again, is good for me too.