Epilogue: Page 12

5th Feb 10:00 AM, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue: Page 12
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 5th Feb 10:00 AM, 2019
Hey gang! I'll be starting the preorders for book three later this week!
in the meantime, if you'd like a peek at new cover WIP, you can check out my patreon!


the selfie wife 5th Feb 10:25 AM, 2019
i love this effective communication!! the honesty they have with each other!! my heart!!
MK_Wizard 5th Feb 10:33 AM, 2019
A very human answer. And I agree with the communication being good here. I love how adult they are being too.
Vain.3805 5th Feb 1:57 PM, 2019
Hard to not be great at communicating when you've been through so much together. Keep up the good habits!
MK_Wizard 5th Feb 1:58 PM, 2019
Sadly, some couples forget to practice communication regularly. It's sad really and such a fixable problem.
YK 5th Feb 8:25 PM, 2019
I relate to this and it’s an accurate depiction of someone who has had a major breakdown at some point. There is always a desire to run back to being “feral.”
Guest 6th Feb 9:11 PM, 2019
I love how he reaches out to hold her hand. <3
Guest 7th Feb 1:44 AM, 2019
Please tell me there will be a hardcover omnibus edition of the entire thing, too? * so excited to preorder *
AbigailBrooks 8th Feb 11:50 PM, 2019
"I miss how warm my fur was, Beauty. Also, I had the shoulders of a god, do you remember?"

But in all seriousness, gosh, this page. Yes, it's tempting to "vanish off into the woods"--to go back to the harmful patterns of thinking and behaviour that you once had, because there is a comfort in their familiarity. There is an allure in retreating like that, even when you know that things are going better for you now. But fortunately, Argus isn't going to do that, no matter how tempting the thought sometimes is. I'm glad that they're both talking about this openly, too, so there is no chance of his feelings festering in silence, like they once did.

As a side note, I love the details of the snow falling--it looks like certain pages in the finale--and how gently he takes her hand.